Adoring adornments.

does anyone else seem to lose jewelry faster than they purchase it?
i do.

an unattainable wish list:

Arielle de Pinto Fringe Necklace
(burnt vermeil and sterling chain intertwined and crocheted!!!!)

Lisa Levine Vintage Brass Necklace w/ Rainbow Stones

Miki Tanaka Oxidized Silver Beetle Necklace

so now that you've had some eye candy, here's some ear candy.

having an on again/off again flu is more annoying than an on again/off again boyfriend. at least i could tell a boyfriend to leave me alone and let me sleep.


Intro to History of Costume 1:

blogs are vain, but i've decided that vanity isn't as horrible as it i've always
considered it to be. in light of this enlightenment, i'm starting a blahg.
expect to see lots of blah-blahing mainly focusing on the following subjects:
fashion, music, photography, travel, maybe even future child names and a
photo of that guy huffing motor oil on the tram. hell, it's
an all-inclusive blog.

Australian vintage is GOOD vintage.