this was my sweet summer entry for the chictopia contest!

one thing to know about me: i LOVE summer. i live for summer. i’m planning on following summer around the world starting this winter. sunshine is my adrenaline. i am most alive while frolicking down an overgrown trail en route to a secluded beach, awaiting the ocean and the sand and the cold water in between my toes. i’ve always dressed for summer- i always manage to keep my shorts in rotation even when it’s freezing outside. this being said…

i find this outfit to be the perfect “sweet summer” look. we tend to lose our fashion sense in order to stay cool during those morbidly hot months (especially here in central california), so i think a sweet little dress like this is a perfect way to stay chic and stay cool. it’s super short flowing skirt is the perfect way to alleviate some body heat and let it loose into the wind! also necessary summer pieces for me: instead of doing sandals, i wanted to grunge it up a bit with my beloved italian lace up boots. the finishing touches: my obnoxiously huge sunnies and a lace headband.

bring it, summer.


*this dress is for sale at disarming darling vintage... it's just a tad too short for me! limited mobility is no bueno. damn my long torso. get the dress and 17 other brand new items HERE.



Victoire said...

i love the dress and how it looks with the boots :) im definitely check out your vintage store! and the colors of the photos are amazing.


Katnani said...

Love the headband!