my friend michelle took these right outside my apartment. i picked up these sweatpants at urban outfitters today, right after i was shopping alongside ERIN FUCKING WASSON. i've never been as star-struck as i was today- she's definitely one of my main style icons, not to mention she's a total BABE. she was wearing adorable brown ankle boots and a SUPER low scoop back white sheer mini tank dress - how she pulled it off, i couldn't even figure out. i'm now on the hunt for something similar, as it was the most effortlessly sexy thing i've ever seen. she's even prettier in real life, by the way. it took EVERYTHING in me not to confess my love to her on the spot... instead i just walked around in circles twittering about it. lame? yes.

after she left, i was able to focus on actually finding something to purchase with my store credit. i had a white zipper tank in my hand, ready to check out and then... wait... what's that under there? SWEATPANTS? YES PLEASE.

i've been dying to jump onto the sweatpants-as-outerwear bandwagon, and i'm stoked that i finally did. these are the most insanely comfortable things ever (obviously...) and i love the light washed olive color. i threw them on with this old tank that i tied up in the back for a cropped effect, my jeffrey campbell cheetah print boots, and some handmade feather earrings from my friend laura... and i totally dug it. i'm all about comfort and this is definitely right up my ally.

oh- and the bracelet is a DIY from a broken forever21 necklace. it broke EVERY SINGLE TIME i wore it, so the other night i ripped it apart and attached it to this thick chain i bought awhile back at a hardware store. i am absolutely in love with the final product- i've been wearing it every day.

i've been listening to the new school of seven bells album. i still love the first album much better, but it's still absolutely gorgeous and you should definitely check it out.



Style of a Fashionista said...

Great DIY with the bracelet looks awesome. Love your outfit you look great I am in love with your boots xoxo

Anonymous said...

<3your blog. you are GORGEOUS! so is your friend LAURA ahh, does she have a blog too? if not, she needs to make one ASAP :)

missmarc said...

Ive been trying to find sweatpants too, from UO bc they're the only place where I've seen them. great outfit and its nice to see someone rocking the sweatpants!

ShelleyBean XO said...

OOO I love you earings!! the feather earrings are a deff must!! and that shirt is so fucking amazing...scuse the french ;)

isis said...

haha, i would have probably drooled and blathered something incomprehensible.

i have that same shirt(or a very very similar one)in black that i cut the bottom off of. it looks way better on you.

i hope all is well with the new business and the new city♥

isis said...

oh yeah, almost forgot:
i loooooove your new header♥
simply gorgeous.

Nádia said...

Rockin' those sweatpants!!!


Neekoh said...

How effing cool!! Which UO was this? Shall I post up in true stalker style? Ahh!

And your sweatpants-as-outerwear are definitely A.Wang-inspired, which is hot! Love the whole look. It's a cool mix of comfort, military and sex kitten. Trust.