i've been wanting to change up my blog posts and include elements other than photos of myself. i try to include music whenever possible, but i've had the idea to add aesthetically pleasing photos mixed in with my outfit posts- specifically art that i love. this time, it's art by no one other than my insanely talented boyfriend- jesse draxler. you should definitely take a moment to check out his website. he inspires me constantly by all the pretty things he creates.

so, i'm visiting my parents for a couple days in central california. it's so much easier to photograph out here in the vast open space... last night i was laying in the backyard while watching the meteor shower (i didn't see much, but it was still beautiful). the stars here are literally breathtaking at night... the night sky completely engulfed me and i found myself incapable of looking anywhere but up. something like that can definitely bring on an existential crisis- it made me feel so small and meaningless. but anyway, it was the little break from the world that i think everyone should get once in awhile.

*wearing thrifted velvet leopard maxi skirt, american apparel scoop back tank, thrifted belt, antique black bracelet, shopwithasainstereotypes triangle necklace worn backwards, vintage brown boots.
*all artwork done by jesse draxler



Blackswan said...

a leopard VELVET maxi skirt?!!!!!! amazing! i like how you have mixed art/photos within your post!

nice tatt, ties in nicely with the style of your outfit!

Come by for a visit or follow too?1

x Your Only Blackswan


OMG. those leopard skirt of yours are sooooo damn beautiful. love your whole blog.. the photos ...everything!

Nádia said...

Rockin' that leopard skirt!!!


Eden said...

Love your look:)))

♥ T ♥ said...

Feel free to stop by sometime!

xx T

X'tian Ou said...

what can i say? simple AMAZING! LOVE IT!


courtney b. said...

those collages/mixed media pieces are amazing!

helen said...

skirt and boots are amazing!!
love your tattoo's!!
and the drawings are also very cool..

xx Helen


kirstyb said...

loving this outfit and great post xx

Hannah said...

wow i love the velvet leopard skirt and i feel the same about adding different things to a blog. The artwork is amazing and such a great idea.


kerry said...

really love your blog!!!! found this outfit off chictopia. such a fantastic combination! you have such fab style.certainly your new fan :)


elatsyrk said...

Great outfit and I like that you mixed in the other images. They complement eachother nicely :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

I love the outfit but I think your tattoo may be my favorite part.

Mitzi Loves Opshops said...

that's such a cool outfit. love your style!

just found you via weardrobe by the way. following now ;)


devore le beau monstre. said...

LOVE this outfit & that killer skirt. you're blog is great. now following. :)

Clara said...

This maxi skirt is LITERALLY perfect!! Velvet AND leopard and MAXI!