i'm ecstatic to report that i'll be interning twice a week in los angeles for UNEARTHEN. not only is their studio right around the corner from my favorite diner, but inside this studio, there are buckets of crystals. yes, i said buckets. i've been attempting to wipe this smile off my face since i heard the good news today, but with no success. i'm currently in the market for a very cheap studio in the silverlake/los feliz/echo park/VENICE BEACH area. mike and i are hoping to move as soon as we save enough dollars. i can't wait to call los angeles home again.

as for the photos...
venice beach this morning, via sidewalk cafe.
some new treasures i scored from my favorite bead shop in venice, ritual adornments.
an absolutely stunning FCUK dress i tried on last night after realizing that it could potentially be a dream wedding dress. we'll see...
SANDBLASTED sunnies by alexandra cassaniti. LOVE these...
and last but most awesome... a custom hand painted LIGHTNING BOLT surfboard (did i mention my cat's middle name is lightning bolt?) which is also by alexandra cassaniti... who just so happens to be the chick that collaborated with unearthen on the vial necklaces (see previous post)
i'm so in love with her inspiration.
"Pointing out that it's always summer somewhere, each season she releases a new "Summer" collection — she launched her line with the "Summer One" collection, and is now working on designing "Summer Four"."
but seriously, how incredibly dope is that board? anyone have a spare $900?



venice beach/anthropologie unintentionally shredded floral tights
quartz and wire necklace i made yesterday
venice beach
next in line to be read
gold coast surfing
coachella 2008/vintage ropers/aa jeans cut into shorts
necklace collection/anthropologie lace bra
early morning/venice beach
arctic circle surfing
white horse tee/thrifted belt
unearthen collab with alexandra cassaniti- crude oil, blue holi powder, drops of the pacific ocean.



i have a severe prism obsession... we have an ever-growing collection which we display from our living room windows. i also have one hanging from my rearview mirror, and just purchased one for mike to hang from his.

top to bottom: prism/rain drops/street lights; mike/tiger boxer tee; prada lookbook; me/prism/vintage leopard boots/thrifted jean jacket; our prism collection; me/tiger necklace from byron bay/nude fishnets/california road map; purchases i made today: prism and quartz.


lay back in the sun

*sophomore cuff tank, unearthen amethyst necklace, lindsey thornburg rust paisley dress, all for the mountain double-sided stack necklace, sunshine and shadow silk tee, SSWTR velvet wedge sandal.

i have super exciting news. yesterday as I was half-heartedly browsing through the los angeles job listings on craigslist, i found a "jewelry intern" position that seemed promising. i sent in my resume and didn't really give it a second thought... until i received an email claiming that they would love to interview me this wednesday (!!!). still having no information about the company other than their merchandise being sold at barney's and open ceremony, i received a follow up email with their website. the picture on the main page is intertwined chains with vials full of colorful powders... upon seeing this, i squealed really loud and kept going to find... CRYSTALS. tons and tons of them. not only do i know of this company, but i've been lusting over one of their "crystal encased in a bullet casing" necklaces for AGES. i know i probably seem a little overly excited... but i've just never had an opportunity to work for a company that i would so completely identify with and love/support what they create. i'm just hoping and crossing every crossable appendage on my body that i get it. the ONLY down side being that i'd have to commute to LA once a week until we're able to move there... but it's so... so worth it.

in other news, i was going through some of my clothes and have decided to post some of the vintage/thrift pieces to my unused etsy. i also picked up some more supplies for dreamcatchers, so i'll be making some new ones in the next few days and posting those for sale as well.

as for the rest of this gloomy day, mike will be making candles and i will be crafting/researching. our apartment smells like an intoxicating mixture of garlic and nag champa. mmm...

oh, and if you don't already love this band, you really really should. SVIIB



it's a sunny saturday morning. i slept in, ate delicious vegetarian breakfast burritos courtesy of mike, and have been sitting in front of this computer attempting to update all of my internet ventures... ie: flickr, blog. i've been so (SO) hesitant to put too much effort into any of it, because it seems like it's just the normal thing to do these days... but c'est la vie. after this update is complete, i'm going to throw on something and embark on a thrifting adventure with mike. i've been getting creative anxiety every time i enter a thrift store. i feel so overwhelmed with ideas and wanting to have ideas that i usually just put everything back and leave. we'll see how today goes.

besides my lackluster thrifting experiences lately, i've been CRAFTING. it started during christmas time when i didn't have much money to spend on gifts, combined with wanting to find the perfect dreamcatcher for myself. one day i walked outside, pulled a twig off a bush, and made my own. i've realized how much i enjoy making things, so i just might start attempting to sell said things via etsy. would you or anyone you know purchase crafts of this nature?

*dreamcatchers made from a metal ring wrapped with covered wire, string, feathers, crystals, etc etc.

off i go...


all of the above.

is it normal to get violent waves of nostalgia... so powerful that i'd swear i just time traveled to the future for a second, because i'm convinced that i'm still 18, 19, 20, 21?

browsing through old pictures is always the cause of this ignited sadness. i've gone through so many unforgettable, irreplaceable, magical experiences and changes that it's hard to imagine what's next, and how on earth it will compare. i think growing up is harder for me to accept than it is for most people.

on a lighter and more optimistic note: i am engaged. trust me, i'm more shocked than you are. i'm the girl who made fun of that 23 year old girl with the engagement ring and pending wedding plans. i'm the girl who mocked the mere concept of marriage, let alone a wedding to celebrate such a monstrosity. well, call me a hypocrite. a big one. because i'm going to have a badass beach wedding, and yes, i'm giddy as all hell.

the ring:

i know, i know. it's a fox. it's our thing. do you have any idea how many old (and not old) ladies have so blatantly judged the shit out of me after i show them this little guy on my ring finger? conversations have gone as follows:
"i hear you're engaged! let me see the ring!"
"well, it's not traditional or anything, but it's very me..."
"oh.... um... so you're not going to get diamonds added to it or anything?"

i've never cared how people may or may not feel about what i do or do not put on my body. i love that he chose something so ridiculously personalized and non-traditional that absolutely nobody gets it but us. isn't that the way love should be expressed? in any case, the narrow-minded women can suck it.

also, i've been crafting. a lot. i'm considering starting an etsy and attempting to sell my handmade (crap) treasures. we'll see.