i am completely addicted to polyvore after discovering it from Nikki's blog. once i started playing around on it, my boyfriend (who was sitting next to me) said, "so... this means i'm never going to see you again, right?" after giggling and squealing and asking him to help me pick out the right shoes, he groaned and started to watch the olympics instead. but seriously... it's like playing with paper dolls but a billion times better.


magic in the air

in love with Alessandro Dell'Acqua's Fall collection, no 21. also been researching compass designs for a tattoo i've been wanting forever... and the second to last one is an amazing calendar by All Year Round Calendar.

lazer guided melodies

my jamberry was in town from SF last night... we started out the night at my apartment, changing outfits and cracking jokes, and ended with whiskey-soaked dreams.

i was drooling all over her shoes last night... jeffery campbell lace-up platforms. mmm. i wore zig-zag tights from target, a vintage cut up tee, knee highs, and deena and ozzy kicks.

today has been spent laying around... i'm really enjoying the few days off that i've had. relaxation is my number one priority before i start the maddening cycle of working two jobs and an internship in other city again. i haven't been photographing much of anything lately... but i took a few snaps of my apartment this morning. it's 300 square feet and inhabits my boyfriend, two cats, and myself. needless to say, it's difficult. i've made it as comfortable and inspiring as possible with these constraints...



Check out my updated ETSY for these items and more!


sun was high (so was i)

what a week... i feel out of breath just thinking about it.
had my first two days at unearthen, which went perfectly. not only do i work alongside the designer/owner of unearthen, but also alexandra cassaniti and the designer for LD TUTTLE! i've been obsessed with her shoes for months now... it's wild going to work in a beautiful studio with people whom inspire me so much. i absolutely love it.
took a quick trip to the central coast for valentin
e's day with mike. we were both a little under the weather, but we managed to have fun nonetheless. we went for a drive up th
e 1 and pulled off on the side of the road after spotting an overgrown trail. it was breathtaking. we pushed our way through ferns and flowers and every kind of plant imaginable, through old fallen trees and thorny twigs, to the edge of a cliff overlooking the grey foggy ocean. there were deer tracks right on the edge... beautiful.

the lighting in cayucos was gorgeous...


also, i've been attempting to figure out chictopia... add me!
and i'll be continually adding new things to my etsy once my internet connection is restored..



items are posted and available to purchase on my etsy:

handmade jewelry will be added soon... :)


my internet connection has been on the fritz for over a week now, and it's still very spotty, but hopefully it'll work well enough to get this posted.
anyhow, i've finally mustered up the motivation to start posting things on my etsy. i haven't measured any of these items yet, so it might be another day or two until they're up. the cream dreamcatcher necklace is a new piece i made last night, i'm debating whether i want to sell it or keep it... i quite like it.

in other news, i got rear-ended on the freeway in the rain on saturday night while driving to work... not only is my car potentially totaled, but i have some seriously mean whiplash. i have to rent a car in order to make it to the first day of my internship on wednesday... hopefully all goes smoothly.

here are a few of the items i'm going to be selling:

hot pink vintage sweater

taupe vintage dress, dreamcatcher necklace

vintage mexican print top

vintage sheer white blouse

vintage poncho

vintage faux fur coat

let me know if you're interested in any of these items!