etsy update! i wanted to shoot way more today but ran out of time before work. hopefully i'll get more done early this week. but for now, check out these rad pieces!

1) SOLD!
3) Perfect Vintage High Waisted Guess Jeans
5) SOLD!



spirit ditch.

after having one of those morning of waking up and being totally bored with myself, i called my friend bailey and asked her to dye my hair. though it's not too drastic, i love it. i've been wanting bleached tips for about a year now- glad i finally did it. i'll probably get bored with it in a few weeks and dye them pink or something knowing me...

i'm wearing my new huge black & gold cross via etsy, handmade feather earrings from venice beach (with rainbow dots from our prism collection in the window), forever 21 double finger cross rings, UO stretchy lace top, a badass beaded/sequined cropped jacket (heads up- this will be for sale on my etsy soon!!), forever 21 nude lace bra, my new LG Rumor Touch phone(!), and a thank you letter i got from LG for being a fashion ambassador during the campaign. (check out the facebook page here) little things like that just make this whole blogging thing seem a little more worthwhile...




burbank palm tree lined street, little joy bathroom photo sesh, gymnastics on a stairway in echo park, party crashing, sidewalk crashing, michelle, adam, venice beach sunglasses shopping, drive home in cheetah oxfords. it was a fantastic trip minus the epic hangover.



wedding bell.

isn't this dress beautiful? i found it the other week and immediately grabbed it- i can so easily picture some gorgeous bohemian chick getting married in this. it's so timeless- the cream lace, the sheer sleeves, the paneled skirt... so so pretty. i felt like i needed a head piece for this dress, so i found some lace fabric in my closet and made this little headband in about 45 seconds flat. i wish i'd had some fresh flowers instead. oh, and a feather bouquet (also a lack of fresh flowers...)

this dress is for sale at disarming darling vintage.



sun rinsed lake

ahhh, the printed cynthia vincent wedges. who knew i'd worship a pair of shoes from target so faithfully? i can't lay my eye on another shoe without feeling like i've betrayed these. i want to wear them all.the.time. they velcro in THREE places- which means a totally customized fit! and so super comfortable. couldn't be better. now if only i wasn't 6'2" in them...

i'm currently sitting in my hotel room in LA. we found such a dope little spot for DIRT cheap about a block away from my favorite street in los feliz. and free wi-fi! yeah! must get ready and grab some whiskey for a fun-filled night with old friends... i miss it here, it feels so good to be here and NOT be working. how magical are multiple days off in a row?




my girl laura asked me to sell a few of her designer vintage pieces- she is an AVID vintage collector who resides in los angeles.
*1 through 4 are Laura Leavitt for Disarming Darling Vintage.

1) SOLD!
5) SOLD!
6) SOLD!


off to los angeles for my wonderful friend chris' WEDDING tomorrow afternoon! i will also be hitting up one of my favorite places in the world- the melrose trading post. hell yes.



today was too good.

thanks for putting me on the front page, chictopia! i'd be lying if i said it didn't totally make my day. it's pretty cool seeing yourself differently than you usually do... you know what i mean? it was very flattering and very encouraging, and i totally appreciate it.

and, thank you for featuring me on your blog, indy! check out her blog, ladyspiderart.

the rest of my day was equally as awesome. i woke up this morning and remembered that i wanted to attempt to find the cynthia vincent print wedges at target before they sold out! i found one last pair in my size and practically ran to the checkout... i am completely and utterly in love. they are so amazing, so comfortable, so PERFECT for summer... i'm going to wear them to death, i know it already. (and they match my pillow so freakishly well?)
i found some incredible super cheap vintage rings this morning at a hole-in-the-wall antique shop... my favorite one is this insane eagle ring- i like that it fits on my middle finger, it feels like a middle finger kind of ring. ha.
following this, i did some thrifting and found some amazing new things, like an ethnic print crop jacket, vintage anne klien grey suede oxfords, and a fleece western vest. can't decided whether or not to sell these, i'm sort of in love with all of them. the shoes are too big though, so they will be up for grabs soon.
after dropping my boyfriend off at band practice, i went to forever 21. truth be told, i haven't been there in MONTHS. i was in there for at least an hour... picking and choosing wisely, or at least trying to. too many things for one post, but they will all make an appearance soon! the headband and cross necklace are two of my purchases- they are so so so perfect, and exactly what i've been looking for.
the sunset was crazy amazing- looked like downtown was on fire. i love the view from my apartment... it feels like we live in a tree house. huxley (my cat) loves it, too.
now to finish organizing my office, packaging orders, etcccc. thanks for all the love today!