[i resemble a giant because a) i am, and b) i'm in heels]


rather than write an essay on the lookbook shoot, i'll just sum it up with a few bullet points:

-started with 30 looks, skimmed it down to 20, shot 15
-three locations were used in the san diego area, the desert being my absolute favorite and the absolute hottest
-everyone got bit by a horsefly at least 10 times
-i walked INTO a cactus. i now know how lethal they can be
-i was stomping around the desert in 100+ degree heat in sequins shorts, sequins mini dresses, leather fringe jackets, combat boots, leopard wedges, layers upon layers of gold jewelry... and i must say, i loved every minute of it
-except walking into the cactus, the brutal heat, and getting horribly car sick
-made it back to the house in SD at midnight, got back on the road to LA by 12:30am, and made it back to LA by 2:30. home by 3. woke up for work this morning and chose to sleep in the extra 30 minutes rather than shower, so let's just say that currently i'm not a pretty sight. and a bonafide ZOMBIE.

all in all, it was wildly successful, insanely beautiful, and quite the experience. there are tons more behind the scenes shots that will be unveiled as the days pass, but for now these are just a few that i shot in between changing outfits. the website and lookbook should be up and running in just a couple more weeks...




holy shit. i'm blonde.

i'm not sure how it happened. i've had a traumatic hair week. i also have some clip-in extensions in my hair in this photo because i'm about to get on the road to head down to san diego to shoot the lookbook for SLEEPWALKER, and i'll be sporting these long locks for that. i'm so insanely excited- can't wait to get all of this done and the website launched for all of you to see!!!

wish me luck, as i'll be wearing a fringe leather jacket in 100+ degree heat in the desert among many others.

my mantra: i will not die. i will not die. i will not die.

*wearing lace top and destroyed shorts from Wasteland, rachel comey KNOCKOFF boots (found these downtown in the garment district for 20 bucks, and they were the last pair in my size! score!), target socks, pink lace urban bra, knit and chain rosary necklaces, and a whole shitload of blonde hair.




all images jacked from the WILDFOX blog.



venice beach = drinking whiskey out of an american apparel bag, buying rad handmade jewelry as always, eating too much pizza, and witnessing a SWARM OF BEES. not talking about 10 or 20. like... THOUSANDS. in the middle of the venice boardwalk amongst thousands of people. end of the world shit.
and today = lunch at french quarter market, a bit of thrifting, and exploring the rooftop. meet my business partner and my favorite girl, laura. isn't she stunning? she refuses to hear it, but you can't look like that and expect NOT to. and that style? flawless. you'll be seeing plenty of her in the upcoming month with the quickly developing SLEEPWALKER. we had some unbelievable news today regarding our lookbook shoot in palm springs this weekend. speaking of which- i need to work on that.




wow, this is my 100th post. i suppose it's fitting that i use this time to announce the death of disarming darling vintage... and the birth of SLEEPWALKER.

DDV will be closing in just a couple of weeks, and select pieces will be moved to a new webstore that's been in the works for over a month now. my business partner, laura, and i have been working day and night, venturing to los angeles rag houses, jumping into bins full of shoes, planning photo shoots in palm springs, preparing the website, lining up a photo studio, etc... and it will all be launching sometime next month. SLEEPWALKER will be your go-to shop for all things vintage, as well as select NEW merchandise as well. we have some really amazing things in the works and i can't wait to reveal all of it to you guys!

for the time being, be sure to grab any merchandise you've had your eye on at DDV before it's too late! above are some of my favorite items that are still available.




well, today was my first day back at UNEARTHEN- the difference being that i'm not an intern anymore, i'm her assistant. it was a pretty overwhelming day with TONS of information to learn, but i'm sure i'll get the hang out it after doing it over and over. the new pieces she has in the works look beautiful. we share studio space with LD TUTTLE. like, we are in the same 400 square foot room. i bite my tongue not to profess my love to tiffany about how much i ADORE her shoes. i catch myself staring across the room at them, frequently. one day soon i will own a pair.

wearing: vintage cream silky dress, vintage lace slip, vintage fish necklace from ATLANTIS HOME, vintage belt, flea market sunnies, forever 21 and vintage rings.

oh, and i got featured on the La Vie Est Belle E.Mag blog today. on their facebook page, she described my blog as "fashion, surf, and grunge". gotta say that made my day as i feel like i'm portraying myself correctly... because those three words DEFINITELY sum me up.




wearing: vintage crushed velvet pink dress, leopard headband, vintage and f21 necklaces.
mixed with photos i've taken in the past few years.




welcome to my apartment!

i painted this color on a whim a few weeks ago and loved it... then hated it... now i love it again. i've gone through major home decor overhaul in the last week- as i've mentioned in previous posts, my theme is "surfer goth", and i went a little too far with the "goth" part. it started to feel like a dungeon in here. so, i returned my black desk, bookshelf, curtains, and bedding... and got white in everything. not only does it feel like a little surfer pad, but it's so relaxing and wonderful. this is by far my favorite apartment i've lived in to date (and i've lived in a LOT). i'll post some more photos once it's completely done and decorated! (the wall in the background is definitely not finished- ignore the mirror and photo randomly placed...)

as for the outfit-
H&M lace crop top, F21 cotton shorts, thrifted leopard print oxfords, target socks.

be sure to shop disarming darling vintage before it CLOSES! SLEEPWALKER will be opening next month, and it's not guaranteed that all of the merchandise will get moved over!