just a quick post to show off this INCREDIBLE top that will be available for purchase on disarming darling vintage later tonight, as well as some other really incredible pieces. it's my last collection before SLEEPWALKER launches! exciting. have you liked us on facebook yet? please do- here!




my friend michelle took these right outside my apartment. i picked up these sweatpants at urban outfitters today, right after i was shopping alongside ERIN FUCKING WASSON. i've never been as star-struck as i was today- she's definitely one of my main style icons, not to mention she's a total BABE. she was wearing adorable brown ankle boots and a SUPER low scoop back white sheer mini tank dress - how she pulled it off, i couldn't even figure out. i'm now on the hunt for something similar, as it was the most effortlessly sexy thing i've ever seen. she's even prettier in real life, by the way. it took EVERYTHING in me not to confess my love to her on the spot... instead i just walked around in circles twittering about it. lame? yes.

after she left, i was able to focus on actually finding something to purchase with my store credit. i had a white zipper tank in my hand, ready to check out and then... wait... what's that under there? SWEATPANTS? YES PLEASE.

i've been dying to jump onto the sweatpants-as-outerwear bandwagon, and i'm stoked that i finally did. these are the most insanely comfortable things ever (obviously...) and i love the light washed olive color. i threw them on with this old tank that i tied up in the back for a cropped effect, my jeffrey campbell cheetah print boots, and some handmade feather earrings from my friend laura... and i totally dug it. i'm all about comfort and this is definitely right up my ally.

oh- and the bracelet is a DIY from a broken forever21 necklace. it broke EVERY SINGLE TIME i wore it, so the other night i ripped it apart and attached it to this thick chain i bought awhile back at a hardware store. i am absolutely in love with the final product- i've been wearing it every day.

i've been listening to the new school of seven bells album. i still love the first album much better, but it's still absolutely gorgeous and you should definitely check it out.




DUDE. how could i NOT pair this insane 80's bikini with this equally amazing super high waisted 80's light wash denim maxi skirt?!? not to mention with my brand spankin' new BRIT BOOTS!!!!!!!

deep breath.

okay. i'm really excited about all of these things, if you can't tell. i have wanted these jeffrey campbell boots for nearly a year and finally caved and bought them from free people before i lost my discount since quitting anthropologie- and what better way to break them in than stomping through powdered dirt for a few hours? i have been waiting and waiting to purchase the perfect pair of motorcycle boots for SO LONG, and now they're finally mine... and how perfect that they're named after me?! haha. i am literally going to wear them with everything.
E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. count on it.

i was planning on selling this dope 80s bikini when i found it today, but after putting it on i fell madly in love and refuse to let it go. i'm sorry. it's mine.

the skirt, however... that will be up on my etsy hopefully by tomorrow! it's just a tiny bit too small for me, otherwise i'd never let it go either!

so i'm putting up a FINAL vintage collection on disarming darling vintage in the next day or two- watch out for it! i have way way way too many vintage pieces, the first sleepwalker collection is all set and ready to go, and i need some extra cash. put all that together and you get one last excuse to shop.



met laura at her pad before embarking on our weekly swap meet adventure at the melrose trading post. it's probably one of my favorite places in the world- i've never failed to find something amazing there in all the years i've been going. if you're ever in LA on a sunday, definitely make time for it.

i found the silver and turquoise ring (first ring photo, third down) and the pink triangle silver ring (second photo, second down) for $5 and $7, respectively. how rad are those rings, and for so ridiculously cheap?! can't beat it.

and what i'm most most most stoked about... these vintage harley davidson perfectly worn in brown motorcycle ankle boots. i have been looking for these FORRRRRREVER and couldn't believe i just found them for EXTREMELY cheap. they're a tad bit big, but i usually like my boots that way. after i receive some orders i've placed over the past few weeks, i'll have an arsenal of perfect flat ankle boots and i couldn't be happier about it.

so, what i wore to the swap meet was: a vintage pink lace slip with an AA bra and AA black bull denim shorts underneath, vintage jewelry, thrifted belt, kenneth cole brown lace up boots, and later switched into the harley davidson boots because i HAD to wear them as soon as i got them.

laura wore an AA tank with a perfect thrifted cardigan from goodwill, vintage cut off shorts, target knee highs, a leopard belt, and vintage brown ankle boots.

after the swap meet, we GORGED ourselves with some burgers (veggie burger for me) and i got a strawberry milkshake to go. i might have gained 20 pounds this afternoon. walking down melrose in that lacey pleated slip while drinking a strawberry milkshake made me feel the girliest i've ever felt- thank god for motorcycle boots, otherwise i'd have felt NOTHING like myself.

here's a throwback for you to jam out to:

happy sunday!




i was going to wear this to get coffee with my friend neysa, but ended up changing into a tank top because it's way too hot today. neysa is an extremely talented illustrator that i went to college with- check out her blog HERE!

i have been DYING to do a post on these shorts. they were originally pants that i found at wasteland a couple weeks back, and i LOVED them as pants but unfortunately they just weren't long enough... so chop chop chop and i now have my favorite shorts- EVER.

i wore an outfit similar to this one to a show last weekend and was told that i looked "60's goth", and that was the coolest compliment i've received in awhile. i definitely feel like that sums up my style lately. such as today while i was thrifting, i was drawn towards NOTHING but sheer pink lace hippie dresses that i can't wait to style with hard black and military green accessories. i have such a distinct aesthetic right now, and i'm really enjoying it. i feel very "me" lately, which is always a good thing, right?

also, if you can't tell, i'm a california girl through and through- born and raised and VERY proud of it. i stumbled upon this ring on etsy from the shop Saylor Rose who makes upcycled and eco-friendly jewelry... and i couldn't NOT order it. for $16 bucks, i think it was one of my best purchases... i'm completely in love with it and it's so lightweight and comfortable and extremely unique. the two stars represent san fran and LA. i think it's totally rad and will be wearing it every day.

also wearing: H&M open knit top (i cut the neckline to make it wider so i could wear it slouchy and off the shoulders), shorts from wasteland, vintage jewelry from etsy and antique shops, boots from UO, and my new favorite belt that i found at the goodwill.

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my blog title is a song by BEAR IN HEAVEN. such a fantastic song- listen to it HERE.




i'm going to make a valiant effort to start updating as regularly as i used to. it's been nearly 100 degrees in LA this week, and my apartment does not have air conditioning... meaning that i don't get dressed until the sun goes down, basically.

from top to bottom: wearing thrifted green crocheted top, vintage hot pink tie dyed guess shorts, vintage boots. next is my new favorite white summer top from wasteland- it's the perfect amount of sheerness and the PERFECT fit- fantastic for scorching summer days. after that is just a whole shit load of my jewelry, my absolute favorite pair of shorts, and my old faithfuls- some boots i purchased at an op shop in australia (no that's not one of those god awful fox tails hanging from a purse, that's my LIVING CAT'S TAIL. i'm very hostile towards that current trend...)

my jewelry collection is getting out of control- i have it draping from the walls, door knobs, mirror, random stashes at the bottom of my purses, and of course the mother load here in the last photo. i think maybe, just maybe, i have a problem.

i think i might start including what i've been listening to at the end of my posts. if i were musically inclined, that is definitely what i'd pursue instead of fashion... but alas, i am not. instead, i will just share the rad shit i'm listening to with you. click on the links to go straight to the song. consider these my current theme songs.


alright, that's all for now. party on.




love LF's "Evolving Summer" lookbook...