i've been waiting for this day off all week! spent it at the beach, of course.

this outfit evolved as the day went on (this happens to me MORE than often)...
started out with the open knit tank, ripped up shorts and boots.
i've been looking for a bag exactly like this for months now, and had seen these in venice before but finally decided that it was just what i wanted. (i'm contemplating changing the straps and making them longer, but i haven't decided yet... what do you think?)
then on my drive home, i decided to stop by my local goodwill and found this velvet burnout blouse that i fell madly in love with on the spot.
for some reason i put all of these things together... and actually REALLY dig the outcome. it has just the right amount of surfer-goth-grunge that i love.

oh, and that's my little baby kitten-fox, huxley. he plays outside all day long and then comes inside and PASSES OUT in bed. i love that little monster.

the sleepwalker listings are up and running! have a look!




the second SLEEPWALKER collection is now up!

pass it on. :)




the heatwave has finally stopped!! it's still warm out, but before today i wouldn't have even attempted to wear a long sleeve top.

been working like mad lately, but it's all paying off! the second SLEEPWALKER collection will be listed tomorrow, and trust me, you don't want to miss it! i'm really sad to see a lot of the pieces go- i love them!

also amazing: my boyfriend had a two page spread in IdN, as well as being featured on the website HERE, and also had a feature on the beautiful/decay website HERE. those are his pieces above. so happy for him!

*wearing thrifted floral blouse, vintage guess tie dye shorts, fashion district buckle wedges, forever 21 bracelet, vintage gothic necklace.



ALDO size 39 (7 1/2) Black Strappy Wedges. Worn a couple times, only a few months old. Retailed for $90.
Worn to LG Fashion Event HERE

Selling for $40

Forever 21 Lace-Up Chunky Heels. Size 7 1/2. Worn a couple times. Retailed for $30

Selling for $18

Kimchi Blue Fringe Heels. Size 7 1/2. Never worn except around the house. Retailed for $68.

Selling for $20

Vintage Leather Pumps. Size 7 to 7 1/2. Never worn since purchased.

Selling for $15

Domestic shipping to United States via USPS is $7.00
Contact me for international shipping

email me if you're interested//




again, too hot outside. when will this ridiculous heatwave pass?!

went downtown again and grabbed some cool accessories- i LOVE this headband! perfect for days i don't want to mess with my hair.

*wearing anthropologie tank, double vintage belts, vintage printed velvet leggings cut into shorts, forever 21 necklace, and my beloved boots that i scored for a quarter of their original price. i'm the knock-off queen.
i LOVE faux leather- i wish there were more vegan options out there. these boots are all man-made material!

our auctions are ending in ONE DAY!! there are some crazy amazing deals happening since not very many people know about our shop yet... take advantage of it! (hint: tie dye wrap dress, fringe jackets, sequins minis!)

(the name of this post is a song title of the new brad laner album (which i've only heard two songs off of and am already hooked, thanks to my boyfriend) check out this video- SUCH a good song!)




it's too hot outside. 100 degrees today. oh what i would give for a/c.

i've had this marc jacobs shirt for years and never really wore it because it had awkward 3/4 length sleeves that i really wasn't into... so i chopped them off the other night. i love what it says, and i think the font is so rad. many times in my life i have felt like i went OFF THE DEEP END, so i don't feel like it's false advertising. and i love the weird looks people give me after reading it. ha.

i'm already bored with the blue hair. what next?

less than two days left!!



lindsey came to visit on friday, and after a drunken night of taco stands and lackluster pool parties- we successfully made it out alive in order to enjoy our PERFECT saturday afternoon. we started with urth cafe downtown (is anyone there NOT pretty? it's silly.)

following that, we ventured to VIRGO, also tucked into the heart of downtown in the fashion district. we were immediately enamored not only by the store's decor, but i could swear i've seen their clothing selection at some point in my dreams. perfectly reconstructed vintage, perfect local designs, the coolest (and definitely most eclectic) collection of jewelry, and to top it all off- the owner is an incredibly rad and down-to-earth chick. it is a MUST SEE for all los angelenos or visitors of this fine city. i plan on going back for a cut-out dress that i'm still daydreaming about two days later.

after lindsey's departure, i continued this perfect saturday with my friend michelle at the alcove- a whimsical little cafe in los feliz where the dessert is comparable to heaven itself. we feasted on a fruit tart surrounded by trees and in oversized chartreuse chairs that looked as though they were taken directly from a scene in alice in wonderland. following was a walk down franklin to hit up our favorite vintage shop in the neighborhood, squaresville. a pair of printed velvet leggings later, we were hungry again and off to sushi in silverlake. a little whiskey, an episode of lost, and sleep. my day was complete and it was perfect.

hope everyone had an equally enjoyable weekend.

if you're bored on this lovely sunday, you should check out the sleepwalker listings, as they'll be ended in just a couple days.




when i first saw the jeffrey campbell BOOT CAMP boot in camo, i was near tears from wanting them so desperately (not really, but you get how much i loved them)
i wasn't crazy about the heel and how high it was, but i would have purchased them anyway had i had the money.
alas, i didn't... and while wandering aimlessly around the fashion district in downtown LA (home away from home), i walked into a shop and saw these sitting beautifully on a shelf, awaiting my arrival. the sales guy was no dummy- he could see the look in my eyes and started selling them to me right away- "these are going for almost $200 at nordstrom, they would look amazing on you, blahlalala"
what he didn't know was i don't caaaaare what you're saying! just let me try them on in peace! but no. he had to lace them up for me and stand there and watch me practically drool while looking in the mirror. after talking him down on price and him agreeing because i "seem like a sweet girl", these babies were mine for less THAN A 1/4 of the price of the jeffrey's. sorry dude. i love you, but my wallet doesn't.

*wearing DIY tropical tube dress, camo boots, vintage leather vest, a shit ton of jewelry.

have you seen the bambi video with black ryder tunes? i've probably watched it 20+ times.

also- our first vintage collection is up at SLEEPWALKER! the bidding ends in around 4 days, don't miss out, we started most of the items at only 10 bucks!



SLEEPWALKER is finally up and running, guys!! we've been working NON-STOP this week, and at this very moment i've been editing photos for about 4 hours now (after the 8+ hour day of listing)- my eyes feel like they might burst. but i'm so happy that we're finally here!!

these are a few of my favorites that are in the shop RIGHT NOW! we're adding more tomorrow, so keep an eye out! bids starting as low as $9.99!

keep in touch, we're planning a HUGE giveaway!