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fall // sleepwalker

we snapped some photos of a few of our favorite pieces from the upcoming collection... check out the SLEEPWALKER blog to see the rest of the images!!



california is pretty brutal right now. 115 degrees in los angeles today. currently sitting in bed trying to move as little as humanly possible as to not break into a sweat.

*wearing: vintage t-shirt that i cut up, forever 21 army green maxi skirt, vintage belt, vintage necklace, vintage combat boots, assorted vintage/new rings.



in love with my ten dollar poncho from forever 21. wore it to the bar with pleather bike shorts and brown wedges and was instantly curled up into a tiny ball on a chair and wrapped up this glorified blanket. i have a very strong feeling that winter in los angeles will include a LOT of capes, wraps, and ponchos due to their versatility... it doesn't get all that cold, but i'm a big baby and when it drops below 70 i'll be draping myself in one of the aforementioned options...


tie dye fever

i came down with the flu last night, and yes, it SUCKS.

i'm hoping it's just a short little bug so i can get back to work... the new SLEEPWALKER collection is seriously INSANE and i'm so so so anxious for us to get it shot and listed for all of you guys to see!

isn't that sunset unreal? i took that photo from our hotel room balcony. sigh. i miss it so much already... and i can't bring myself to wear real clothes just yet. i lived in lightweight tanks and cut off shorts over there because the humidity was unbearable... so i'm still adjusting to actually putting makeup on, doing something to my hair, and being able to wear boots again!

*wearing tie dye crop top from a vintage shop in australia, destroyed denim shorts from wasteland, vintage sandals, vintage belt, forever 21 necklaces, assorted rings




my trip is halfway over and i'm already dreading leaving st maarten. yesterday was by far the best day yet- it consisted of boat rides, snorkeling, under water photo shoots (as pictured above, thanks to my sis), drinking more tequila and rum than i knew existed, getting taken out to the best bars by the locals, and dancing up a storm (and consequently sweating up a storm- the humidity here is nearly unbearable). we made it back to our hotel room just before 6am, and i've spent the entire day recovering by the pool or in bed. i have to say, nursing a hangover in the caribbean is a hell of a lot better than having a hangover anywhere else. obviously.




one of my absolute favorite online shops, STANTON JAMES, contacted me to let me know that all of my readers will be getting 20% OFF of their purchase up until october 31st!

...amazing, right?

what are some of your favorite pieces? you can see a few of mine above... fringe, lace, crocheted, or military inspired... i want it all!

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i'm back! for a second.

after FYF, my friends and i sort of went on and all weekend long bender... from venice beach, to the beverly hilton, to public transportation hopping... it was a great little escape back into the adolescence which i feel is slipping away so quickly...

since then, a lot of things have happened. like... booking a flight to the CARIBBEAN (st. maarten to be exact) to join a family vacation which i'd desperately wanted to attend all along, just didn't think i'd be able to get the time off work + afford it. last minute plane ticket prices are awesome. i booked that flight yesterday... and i leave on saturday. today was spent running last minute errands because ALL day tomorrow i will be working at the unearthen studio and then jetting over to opening ceremony to work their FNO event. i spent an entire day thrifting for moroccan-inspired decor for our little set-up... it should be super rad! if you're in LA, you should definitely stop by... we're going to be selling some amazing stuff! check out the opening ceremony blog post to see some of the jewelry HERE.

i'll definitely try to update while away for the next week... i'm sure i'll be taking entirely too many photos.

now to start packing... hmmm...

*photo 1/2: thrifted floral blouse, thrifted button up blouse, vintage destroyed denim shorts, vintage combat boots.
*photo 3: photo from FYF courtesy of scooby at relivelastnight.com
*photo 4: sunset view from my patio



FYF was beyond incredible. perfect company, beautiful weather, amazing tunes, and a view to kill. i'd have to say the highlight of the night was standing in the center of the crowd during school of seven bell's set even though this was the third time i'd seen them. the sun had gone down, the stage lights were beautiful, downtown los angeles was lit up behind us, and trains kept whizzing by on the tracks a few feet over. indescribable, really.

*wearing a black stretchy dress i cut the back out of and tied up, vintage harley davidson boots, urban outfitters hat, vintage belt.


coffee and kool-aid.

visiting my parents in fresno.
i wore this out last night. this dress started out as the slip of a vintage dress which i cut apart. it also started out white. while trying it on last night i realized that i could double for someone attending a college toga party, so i ran into the kitchen and asked my mom, "what can i use to dye this, right now?"

my lovely mother brewed a pot of coffee and handed me a package of kool-aid.

i tied off a few sections for a tie-dyed effect, poured the coffee on, and then poured the kool-aid mixture on top. because i was in such a rush (it was already 10pm by the point) i didn't let it sit long enough, so the nylon didn't really absorb much... but it did absorb enough to turn a very washed out pink with ever-so-light tie-dyed rings. i can't wait to get home and dye it for real- i'm still deciding which colors.

worn with vintage combat boots and camo boots from the fashion district, AA bra, forever 21 necklace, anthropologie belt, h&m spike bracelet.