hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! i almost blacked out at my boyfriend's dinner table over my tofurkey (don't take vicodin on an empty stomach!), but other than that it was a great night. haha.
this was a couple days before thanksgiving, hanging out in my apartment's communal garden area right outside my door... the skyline view of los angeles NEVER gets old...

have you entered my bella clothing giveaway yet? it just takes a minute and you could win a super cute dress! enter here.

*wearing gifted BELLA tank top, vintage high waist leather ankle zip pants, UO brown wedges, thrifted blue knitted cardigan, vintage fish necklace.


Bella Clothing Giveaway!








last week, i was contacted by a very sweet representative from Bella, a los angeles based clothing line. i don't just take clothes from anyone for the sake of getting free stuff- i attempt to stay true to myself and to my readers, as i don't believe in promoting something that i don't believe in! what impressed me most about Bella is that their line includes organic material (my college portfolio was strictly based around organic fabric- i've been a long-time fan), their fun and professional promo video from their 2011 catalog photoshoot, and the easy-to-wear clothing (i'm a sucker for basics!).

check out their latest promo video!

for a chance to win a corey vintage dress, like the one i'm wearing above, all you have to do is...

-become a fan of the bella facebook page
-follow bella on their twitter page
-leave a comment on this blog post with your name and email address
-entrants must be USA resident

bella has also offered a discount code for readers! use the code "BELLALOVESYOU" and get 25% off your entire purchase at bella.com!

a winner will be drawn on december 1st, good luck!
*wearing: Bella "corey vintage dress", sheer metallic tank layered over, an anthropologie belt, vintage cape for sale here, and my new beloved LD Tuttle shoes i purchased from our studio's sample sale!




started out the day wearing this incredible vintage aviator jacket i found for 25 bucks a few weeks ago. it has such radical patches and a washed out eagle print on the back.... couldn't get much cooler (to me, anyway).
my boyfriend is currently searching for a pair of boots, so we wandered into the american vintage down the street from my house. i've been looking for the perfect leopard coat for winter, and upon walking in... found it. i bought it on the spot and put it on as soon as we left. i actually loved how it went with my outfit even more, so wore that all day instead... (side note: this is very true to a normal day for me- my car is my second closet and i usually change a couple times throughout the day. fashion a.d.d?)


ate at bulan, a vegetarian thai restaurant on melrose. this chicken is VEGAN! so so so yummy.

*wearing thrifted open back orange and gold silk blouse, vintage aviator jacket, UO jeans, rachel comey for UO boots, diy headband, annie costello brown triangle bracelet.


Neysa Bove Illustration

my incredibly talented (and beautiful) friend, Neysa Bové, drew me! isn't it adorable? she has worked for mattel and disney, which should be a clear indicator that this girl knows what she's doing. check out her blog full of whimsical fashion illustrations, she is the best!

i was featured on the NASTY GAL blog (can you spot me with dark brown hair?)!!



these images have been more than inspiring to me lately.
*tasha kusama, sea of shoes, adeline mai, source unknown, source unknown, neil krug

speaking of inspiring, i hung out with megan from another day to dress up for the first time last weekend! i thought my wardrobe collection was extensive and/or eclectic until i saw her garment racks full of stunning vintage pieces. instead of going thrifting as planned, we sat on the balcony and chatted for a few hours... mostly about what bad bloggers we are and how we both have major bug phobias. next time we'll have to snap some photos- she is even sweeter and prettier in person (if that's even possible!) check out her blog if you haven't already because she is many things and boring sure as hell isn't one of them.

oh, and if you live in los angeles you would be CRAZY to miss this! i'll be at the studio tomorrow night selling unearthen pieces for RIDICULOUSLY cheap! LD Tuttle shoes are over half off... it's crazy, really. get there on friday or saturday, it'll be worth it.


Quick and Casual

just a quick and casual outfit post. snapped these when i accidentally woke up way too early for work and had time to wander down to my neighborhood coffee shop for a bagel and coffee... and still be on time! i hate this time change, but i'd be lying if i said i haven't been enjoying the especially beautiful mornings.
*american apparel top, vintage cropped jeans, thrifted leopard slip ons, anthropologie scarf, neighbor's bull skull

on a more somber note, my cat pictured above (huxley) has fallen ill with a mystery illness several times in the past few months... it happened again this morning and i've spent the entire day at the emergency vet/watching over him at home. it's breaking my heart and the bank... i just wish they could figure out what is wrong with my little guy.

hope everyone else is having a better day!
(side note: i promise not to wear leopard shoes in the next post.)



aside from taking too many photographs of myself to post on the internet, i have a real job as well. i work part-time as the designer's assistant at UNEARTHEN, a los angeles based jewelry company. i am IN LOVE with the new prism ring, which will be available at bona drag in the next few weeks. isn't it amazing?!

check out the website and our facebook page!


One Perfect Morning


whenever winter has come in the past, i find myself giving up on trying to dress for myself and give in to only dressing for warmth (i'm a BIG baby when it comes to being cold). i'm making a valiant effort this year to not sacrifice the way i want to dress only because a heavy jacket and winter accessories are thrown into the mix- i'm actually looking forward to the challenge of layering and mixing textures like i've never done before! my winter clothing collection is minimal to none- living in southern california for most of the past 6 years put a real damper on buying any true winter pieces- i just never saw the point to buying something i was so reluctant to wear, anyway. i can't wait to invest in some sweaters/jackets/tights/jeans/etc! slowly but surely i will accumulate an acceptable winter wardrobe. this anthropologie sweater is one of my only winter pieces- i LIVED in it last year!

*wearing velvet burnout sheer top from fashion district, h&m velvet leggings, thrifted leopard print slip-ons, anthropologie sweater, vintage fish necklace from atlantis home.


Wild Horses


my favorite thing do to is mix prints and textures. an outfit does little for me if it's not visually stimulating and doesn't offer a big picture instead of singular pieces. does that make any sense at all, or are these tangents purely verbal garbage? either way, i hope you know what i mean...

i'm experiencing some GIGANTIC life changes at the moment and am trying my absolute hardest to hang on to this metaphorical wild horse and ride it into the sunset. i've finally picked up yoga again, which after a year of procrastination, i'm thrilled to be doing. the mental clarity it offers me is unparalleled, not to mention the obvious physical benefits. in addition to my physical improvement, i've been striving for creativity and motivation and have found myself embracing it more than ever. it's challenging and scary, but i'm hoping to embark on something i've always dreamed of doing... i'll keep you updated as it progresses, but for now it's just my little secret.

*wearing vintage tie dye wrap dress as open vest, vintage open knit bell sleeve top, forever 21 bleached shorts and necklace, jeffrey campbell boots. also pictured: my beloved catfox, huxley.



hanging out at the echo park lake down the street from my house, which is always full of drunks, homeless, and angry geese. it's not my favorite place in the neighborhood, but it is pretty when you subtract all the aforementioned. i did, however, meet the cutest dog on the planet named poncho. i spent a good ten minutes hugging/kissing/trying not to steal her. no baby fever for me, just puppy fever.

by the way, if you're looking for the perfect red lipstick, try Revlon's "Just Bitten". the shade i'm wearing is called gothic and it comes in a tube that looks exactly like a marker. it stains your lips with absolutely no fading (which i thought was impossible as i've NEVER found a lipstick that stays on my lips) warning: it's works so good that it's hard to take off.

*wearing vintage snakeskin print cardigan cape, vintage handmade dress (cut the hem to be asymmetrical), vintage velvet boots, vintage belt.