i remember the exact moment that i fell in love with brigitte bardot. years ago i was at a bar in sacramento, california for some reason or another, and on the tv sets scattered around the room were synchronized and soundless black and white videos of brigitte. i literally sat there at the bar, drink in hand, drunken people yelling all around me, and couldn't fathom moving my eyes to anything but the television screen, as i was absolutely mesmerized by her. i have no idea how long i sat there, but it felt like, and probably was, hours. to this day i still think she is one of the most magical creatures to have ever existed.

someone whom i think is also astonishingly beautiful is danish bombshell anna karina. i need to make a long list of movies to rent in the upcoming weeks... i just can't get enough of these girls.


Shilpi said...

I love her lips! Astonishing..



Perverse Beauty said...

Her face is absolutely mesmerizing. I can't stop staring at these pictures...thanks for sharing!

xx - Lera

Liana said...

wow they are both so incredibly beautiful and unique looking!

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Jassica Rich said...

Extremely lovely! :)

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SAMANTHA said...

so damn beautiful.


Lulu B said...

Stunning , just stunning! She is a classic beauty! xx

mariasousa said...

I love her! She's my icon of style

Shakkablakka said...

Anna Karina! Love her in the Godard movies! And of course BB is always the best!