*sheer black tank purchased from FAT while living in australia, vintage pants, shoes from the garment district, skull necklace from venice beach, vintage jewelry/belt.

i held myself back from screaming with delight after i found these pants in my all time favorite vintage shop for 22 dollars. from glancing at them on the hanger, i pictured them fitting low waisted and was absolutely thrilled to discover that they are super high-waisted, SUPER fitted, and the perfect awkwardly high-water length... just like a perfect 70's silhouette should be.
i have a very abnormally long torso, which makes high-waisted pants make me almost look proportionate. i'm 5'10", and i'm pretty damn sure all of my height is in my torso and neck. it's weird.

i put these babies on as soon as i got home and wore this outfit the rest of the day while finishing up some work at the studio. i enjoy the gypsy goth mixture today, as i've been full out au naturel hippie for a few weeks now. i still love me some black, skulls, and unnecessary straps... if only i had a motorcycle...

also found the most ridiculously perfect burnt orange velvet shorts. i'll be wearing these whilst on a mini-vacay with my boyfriend in Ojai this weekend... i'm on a weekend road trip bender- this is my third one in a row. can't wait to get back to Ojai and properly explore it, as i think it's one of the most beautiful places in california...


Strawberry Freckleface said...

What a steal with the pants. I love the tassel detailing at the bottom. I have the exact opposite "problem" that you have. My torso is so short (I am short) so high waisted things look ridiculous on me. Apparently I don't care about looking ridiculous though, considering half of my shorts are high waisted. Bleeahh.

strawberry freckleface

Catherine said...

I am totally in love with your trousers, dear. And that's a gorgeous outfit, love everything in it! xxx

Madeline said...

I can't even process this! Those pants are SO amazing, especially with that belt. Also, your neck is swan-like. It is a blessing.

Taylor said...

Those pants are the find of a lifetime. They're so perfect.

Jade said...

I freaking love those pants.
amazing blog.

<3 http://eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com/

Nico said...

Soo amazing. Those pants look too good on you, and with that shirt, the whole outfit is perfect..love it!


bravegrrl said...

love love love the pants? share your secret.... what is your favorite vintage store??? xoxo

Robin H. said...

You know you have a great find when you can't wait a minute after you get home to put it on. Congrats on the pants and bravo!


SAMANTHA said...

yesss! the pants are amazing!!


hippilazman said...

i love the pants!

The Fancy Teacup said...

I would scream with delight at the sight of those pants, too. They are totally rad and perfectly paired with that sheer sleeveless top.

much love.

Nita -Karoliina said...

I need those pants. They are great!

nicki said...

You know, it's funny but I never think your outfits have any amount of sluttiness at all! You have such a great carefree wild child vibe that you're the type that can go baring it all and it would just look "free". :)

Also, I feel the same about your pretty features! AND we should definitely plan something! Next weekend!!

Shasie said...

Love the top! Great pants!

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Emily Rose Theobald said...

holy moly, you find the best pants and shorts!! im sure the burnt orange ones are going to make me cry. weekend road trips are the best. i drive up the western MA often to see friends, but i wanna get away more to places i havent been!

Frocktasia said...

YOWZA! Those trousers are bad-ass, I feel big love for them!