*diy boots, vintage sheer leopard blouse, vintage crushed velvet shorts, vintage belt, forever 21 necklace, vintage rings, vintage bag

remember when i half-heartedly mentioned doing a super ghetto DIY of the rodarte upholstery boots?
well, i've been meaning to do it for some time now, but kept procrastinating in true brit fashion. i've wanted a pair of boots in "couch" fabric FOREVER, long before nearly crying with lust over the rodarte stunners.

this is a DIY from hell, i'm not going to pretend like it was fun. i think i have blisters on all of my fingers from my inability to use a hot glue gun and turn down the hem of the fabric simultaneously. up close, these boots are not pretty. but... i'm just banking on the fact that most people will see them from a distance and not get to cringe at my handy-work.

- - -

so this is how i did it...


1. a pair of boots (i REALLY wish i would have used another pair of boots that actually fit me properly- these are about half a size too small on me! but they were only $9)
2. fabric (i bought half a yard from my favorite upholstery store, which cost me $25 bucks because i went for the super rad/expensive one, of course.)
3. hot glue gun (it took like... 6 full glue sticks... about $7)
4. spray adhesive (around $6)


i totally could not do this and take photos at the same time, so these are all i've got. basically, i started at the back seam and worked my way around. turn the fabric under so there's no fraying, and spray the adhesive onto the boot as you go so you can continually smooth it out to reduce wrinkles. it's a bitch to get it right. i called my hot glue gun so many names while consistently burning myself- most popular being "you fucker."

diy3 copy

wrapping it around the toe was the hardest part, so i decided to do half at a time. so as you can see, the front of the boot looks pretty wack, but as i said, i don't mind. the majority of my shoes are beat up vintage kicks that look worse than this anyway.


$47 dollars and about 30-40 minutes later.

and, huxley-approved!



The Fancy Teacup said...

All I can say, wow, that is hard work pulled off. Those self-made "upholstered" boots are out of this world. And I have total crush on your velvet shorts.

much love.

Shilpi said...

DUDE. I love this! I was thinking: those boots are way too cool to be just "found". Love how you tweaked them to perfection.



Isabel Spectre said...

gwaaah! fabulously done. Even if up close they aren't perfect... that makes them even better. and way cheaper and realistic. You've got skills :)


Raspberry Jam said...


Love it!



Jean said...

Love this DIY. Such a good idea :)

Glad you got your couch print boots!



Amanda said...

Great job on the shoes... SO damn cool.. the outfit is just amazing!

Seventh Of July said...

Wow that's amazing! Love them, you did a great job. Great outfit ;)


yamina beyondURclothes said...

not so bad, love your diy, thanks for sharing

♥ yamina

Just a lazy morning said...

So great!!!

Jessica Deanna said...

C r a z y cool boots. Such a brilliant idea. xx

Anonymous said...

I love your cat!!!

Jana C said...

the shoes are amazing :)


AlbeeLucky said...

I think you did a great job on those boots. It makes me rethink about tossing those old shoes of mine. I love to think that I can revive them w/ this DIY. Thanks for posting.

Kat ♥ said...

This is so amazing. Now all I want to do is buy some JC Pixie knock-offs and hit Jo-Ann's. The fabric you chose is really amazing, and you did a fantastic job! I'll definitely try something like this out sometime.

Also, adore your cat. ♥

MaNAa said...

your boots are just so crazyyyyyyyyyy love them!!!

cyeoms said...

Found ya on LB & I'm so glad I did! Love the writing style, photos and sense of humour! Huxley is adorable too <3

crystal eyes

Frannie Pantz said...

These boots are amazing! I remember you saying that you wanted the "couch boots". I am constantly amazed at all of you girls' DIYs. I wish I had that kind of talent.

The Jazzy Belle said...

WOW. very impressive. gonna have to try this. thanks!

the fashion reckless said...

I love it!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

those shoes are AMAZING. & I think a cat photo at the end of every post should be mandatory. x

gabrielle said...

wow, i am not worthy!


Nico said...

Those boots are amazing!! and your cat is adorbs.


lostceremony said...

Found your blog from chictopia.com
In love.
GREAT dyi, I might just try this. Thanks for sharing!!

isis said...

so happy you did this!! i need to do one with crushed velvet now after seeing the Theyskens' Theory velvet wedges.
since it was you first time and you aren't to satisfied maybe you can take you knowledge and give it another try with some shoes that do fit! it's so much easier to see the flaws in something you made but I bet no one even noticed!

Madeline said...

Whoa, they look AMAZING. Also, how awesome does Huxley look?!

panna e caffè said...

incredible! your shoes look so cool!!

xoxo from france

amy said...

You. You. You.
Too good to be true. true. true

I adore the shoes!! Absolute perfecccccccction

hope to hear from you*
love amy ^.^

Izumihiiiflower said...

well done! *_*


Shasie said...

Love the mixture of all the patterns

Live Life in Style

I am Vintage Lover said...

These are incredible! So inspired to DIY something like this too. I've just DIY'd a backless zipper dress using a thrift store dress and finished making a DIY tie dye maxi skirt - it's been a lot of fun! Xox

Cristiana Nunes said...

Love the shorts and the belt!

alex said...

just awesome! Im sooo going to try it out!!
Love your style
xoxo (big fan from mexico)

Anonymous said...

Hi may I know how you cut out the fabric? Was it a guesstimate- as in you cut it away as you glued or, did you draw out the shapes on trhe cloth then glued on the pieces?
Would really appreciate it if you could share more about your process. Thanks!

Nickie Frye said...

The boots turned out super cute! If you (or your readers!) ever decide to do something like this again, you might consider trying to make a flat pattern first. I think making the seam up the toe would be easier that way, or you could avoid that & put seams on the side where the zipper is, & up the back. I did a quick google search & found this tutorial that I think might be helpful:


You basically cover the shoe with masking tape, cut the tape off & make a flat pattern with it. Don't forget to add seam allowances all around (maybe 1/4"). Also, this way you can finish the edges with a sewing machine & avoid having to turn them under with your glue gun (ouch!)

I'm not a regular reader (sorry, busy), but if you make another pair I would love to see them! Shoot me a message. Have fun! :)

לילך הדר said...

I wrote a diy post inspired by this one, with credit of course. Here is a link http://ktzavotprumim.blogspot.co.il/2012/10/blog-post_3.html