deni, my mother.

how do i even begin to describe what a phenomenal woman my mother is?

she is, undoubtedly, the most beautiful, giving, open-minded, supportive, optimistic person that i have ever met.
i have so many memories of her driving me to school each morning, since we lived out of the school district. on some mornings, she'd wake me up by singing a little song to me. on special mornings she'd make my favorite (incredibly unhealthy) breakfast- chocolate toast. i have the most vivid memory of a Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band cassette in our car, and listening to it on the way to school- i'll never forget hearing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds for the first time on one of those mornings. i loved it instantly.

my mom is strong.
she survived losing both of her parents before she was 21 years old. she survived breast cancer. she survived a divorce. and through all of it, she has somehow managed to still be the most optimistic person that i've ever met. i wish i'd gotten that trait from her, as it's something that i greatly lack. her strength is unparalleled. she could truly handle anything.

i went with my mom to get her first tattoo about 2 years ago of a seahorse, which reminds her of her father. since then, she's had more tattoo appointments than 99% of my friends. she has beautiful and extremely significant tattoos dedicated to her father, her mother, covering her cancer scars, her love for the beach... she does nothing recklessly- everything has meaning. my mom turned 60 last year, and no one EVER believes it because she looks so incredible. the mere fact that my mother decided to start covering her body in tattoos when she was nearly 60 years old shows so much about her character: she is confident and and she stays true to herself.
some of my mom's tattoos / our vacation last year to the caribbean- me, my mom, and my sister erin

i can only hope that i will evolve to be HALF of the woman that my mother is. she has been there for me every second of every day, and i will never be able to thank her enough for that. i think she knows how much i respect her and love her... but in case she doesn't, she'll be reading this at some point tomorrow, so:

happy mother's day, mom. you are amazing. i love you.


Jana C said...

great post. happy mother's day :)


Blackswan said...

what a beautiful post! happy mothers day to all the wonderful mothers out there! :)

x Lauren

Nik said...

you make me cry .. or your mum.. beautiful post

khaz said...

Such a beautiful post, your mom seems a really amazing person, you are lucky to have her.

Blond Panther & Louboutin... said...

Amazing..... ;)
nice post


Clémentine said...


Alexys oliver said...

I'm sitting at JFK reading this with tears in my eyes. This post is incredibly beautiful.
Happy mother's day to her!
I love your blog for the fashion as well as your ability as a writer to communicate emotion and make the reader feel like a friend.

The Fancy Teacup said...

Your mother sounds like an absolute sweetheart with resilience and a beautiful, "living life to the fullest" spirit. Have a lovely day celebrating such a special mother!

much love.

Shasie said...

what a great post and tribute to your mom! She looks like she knows how to PARRRTTTAAAYYY! So cool. Happy Mother's Day to her!

Live Life in Style

SAMANTHA said...

this is a beautiful post, what a wonderful lady. i posted vintage photos of my mom too :)


Madeline said...

Your mom is so amazing! This was fantastic.

Meggstatus said...

I love this post. She reminds me of my mom in countless ways (minus the tattoos haha). Such a sweet dedication she's lucky to have such a caring daughter as well.


Iben said...

Such a nice tribute to your mother! What a lovely post:D

Love Despite color

Isabel Spectre said...

This is such a nice post. Your mom sounds like an amazing and inspiring woman. Happy mother's day to her!


Izumihiiiflower said...

wow you realy look like your mom! she is pretty as you!


nicki said...

Did you know that I love seahorses? Your mom sounds so rad and I'd like to hang out with her!! <3

Shilpi said...

This is so incredibly sweet!