*vintage crushed velvet orange shorts, american apparel chiffon top, thrifted rainbow cardigan, vintage leopard belt, vintage western ankle boots for $9

thankfully my photos weren't wiped when my camera decided to spontaneously combust. these are from the first day- please excuse that most of them are blown out, it was hard to see the tiny lcd screen in the blaring sunlight, and also, we just weren't all that concerned with how well they were turning out, as we were busy being captivated by our surroundings. instead of going to the overpopulated hot springs, we decided to explore on our own. we stumbled across the most beautiful creek i have EVER seen- the colors aren't done any justice in these photos- think of clear aqua water running through a desert scene of whitewashed rocks, orange hued sand, and sun-bleached succulents, and that's the closet imagery you'll get to this actual creek... it was surreal. we spent most of our day there, channeling our inner mountain goats while hopping from rock to rock for what seemed like hours. it's impossible to see enough of ojai in one day- we can't wait to go back for more adventures.


isis said...

Those shorts!!!!!!!
I found your hand doppelganger:


Jana K. said...

That peach and mustard combo is too good. Awesome pictures.


The Fancy Teacup said...

The hot springs scenery is breathtaking. And I can't get enough of your crushed velvet shorts...they are smoldering hot. Glad you were able to salvage your photos, but I still hope your camera turns out alright!

much love.

Shasie said...

I tried on that top today at American Apparel, it's so fun!

Live Life in Style

Blackswan said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your velvet shorts! I've had my eye out for a pair - you have some really unique pieces girl! can i invade your wardrobe? hehe ;)

looks like it was an amazing day - you're so lucky to visit such amazing places. landscapes here in Aus are quite blahhh

x Lauren

SarahjCakes said...

awesome post. absolutely love the outfit. The surroundings are beautiful

s said...

loooooove these pics ;D


bravegrrl said...

looks amazing... i want to go jumping across rocks....

Kelly Lauren said...

YES THOSE SHORTS. man, I wish I had some high waisted bell bottoms like those. YES. great cardigan. I want a vacation, man!

PS - I hope your camera heals soon or that your fairy godmother gets you a new one!

Kayla said...

sorry to hear about your camera : /

atleast you look really awesome still!

well theirs a will thiers a way!

i hope i spelled that right.

<3 Kayla


efromwonderland said...

these pictures are amazing! I love all of them :) and you are so pretty! i love your blog im a new follower :)! sorry to hear about your camera, hope it will turn out okay!

nicki said...

I love the nude bra you always wear. It's perfect. And I love everything about this. <3

Cara said...

awesome shorts!
xo Cara

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

these pictures are so effing gorgeous & I love your CRUSHED VELVET SHORTS.. yesss! I hope your camera sitch works out. :(

Mariel Torres said...

that is the most marvelous top and these are the most beautiful pictures lady

kaitlyntru said...

you always have these tiny baby shorts in great materials. ughh. how do you do it?

Seventh Of July said...

Great photos, just amazing!


Liz said...

if you don't mind my asking, where is your nude bra from? it's perfectly shaped.