*vintage kimono, wasteland tank, DIY vintage shorts, vintage belt, vintage platform sandals, vintage bucket bag, konstantino bracelet

first of all- i finally caved and started using my TUMBLR. follow me! give me some suggestions! i'm so addicted, even though i swore i'd never be.

this weekend was pretty wonderful, despite this gnarly heat wave that has my face melting off 90% of the day. madeline and i spent friday sourcing for our upcoming online store... i had to snag a few of our items to wear while walking around los feliz today... i love it all SO MUCH. the vintage neon orange kimono, breathtaking vintage leather bucket bag, and vintage western belt are a few pieces from our MASSIVE amount of stock. i might put up a fight for this bag... it's insane. i spent part of the drive home hugging it while madeline looked at me like i needed a psychiatric evaluation. picked up these ridiculous platform sandals at a vintage shop today... anything that has a wooden platform heel is just going to be mine, simple as that.

yesterday adam and i suffered through nearly three hours of traffic to get to malibu for some much needed swimming and beach time. i really wish i had photo documentation of us body surfing in the crystal clear water as the sun was setting... it seriously looked and felt like a scene from a movie shot in hawaii. going to the beach never fails to center me and make me feel like myself again. can't wait to get back there as soon as possible.

i've been meaning to post about my recent discovery (thanks, sis!) of a project commissioned by the andy warhol foundation- dean from the rad 90's band LUNA and britta from jem and the holograms are a sickeningly beautiful and talented couple who were asked to score 13 of andy warhol's famous screen tests. the outcome is 13 screen tests set to the most painfully perfect music written specifically for the person in the video by dean and britta. they've been touring this creation for a few years now, and my sister was lucky enough to see it. i've been watching the videos on repeat for over a week now... if you're a velvet underground, andy warhol, or just general music fan... you will love them. they're all on youtube, but here's one of my favorites:


OnTheRacks said...

Have I told you yet that I really like your blonde hair? Looks good on you, girl! And those are the most perfect denim shorts. And you are awesome. <3

The Key To Chic said...

Love your kimono and platform sandals - platforms are my favorite! I got to the beach this weekend, but it was actually cold, so I didn't go in the water. How amazing are your photos! Love the combat boots on the sand!

The Fancy Teacup said...

The vintage kimono and bucket bag are incredible. Instantly coveted.

♥, Jamie

Dirty Hair Halo said...

ok. so. i've been putting this off. but.

i'm sorry i shat out while i was in venice beach. i totally had limited time, limited brain power, limited self-centerism (i bought a plain white t-shirt and grey sweat pants, wore them for like 4 days straight while there and was totally un-dirty hair halo), but i fucking love you and hope we have another opportunity in the future. fucking really. i'm totally gay for you. married woman gay. the best kind.

anyway. excited to see your new project. you know i'll be stalking it. per usual. such a stalker. i may have had some drinks like all day today. it's sunday funday. no excuses though.



augustalolita said...

that vintage kimono's gorgeous!! love your photos <3

Anonymous said...

that song is literally incredible. I am hypnotized.

Sheryl said...

Congrats on the upcoming online store babe!! I wish i had your eyes for some awesome vintage pieces that you pick out. That kimono..HOT

Stay cool..


Friend in Fashion said...

Found you on lookbook - you have incredible style!

Adore the kimono and those shoes :)

New follower!


bravegrrl said...

dude thanks for sharing the videos.... i am a huge warhol and velvet underground fan... s c o r e

looking amazing, particularly loving those shoes :)

Madeline said...

I am so glad you wore these things -- they look freaking awesome on!

Anonymous said...

Love the vintage platform sandals! Anyways...i'll be in Los Angeles next year and i hope to meet you and take some pictures of you!

Minna Cest said...

WOW girl your photos are SOOO inspirational... very special and definitely got that something.

Found you on Chictopia and I think I love all your looks...


From finland

minna cest

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love your kimono and your platform :D
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Sarah said...

i love your sandals so much! so gorgeous, and i have that Andy Warhol thing on DVD i find it so mesmerising!


panna e caffè said...

more I visit you, more I love your style beauty! hyped on lookbook, this outfit is on of your best!!

xoxo from france

Sheree said...

Love the orange kimono.my favorite color!

Rochelle Fox said...

this post is unreal xx A Fox That Meows ♥

M@®Ü said...

Great outfit! I want that shoes!!!
I love your blog and vintage too. All the photos are excellent!
I follow you!
xxx from Argentina


Ashley said...

The blonde looks amaaaaaazing on you!! You are such an inspiration Brit. The reason why I obsess over your blog (and Madeline's) is because you guys don't focus on labels or designer names...you guys focus more on the idea of fashion and clothing itself whether that be vintage or modern and that is what it's all about. Keep spin your thing woman!

Ashley said...

Ps. Apparently my phone prefers the word spin over "doin'". DOIN' is what I meant to say...ahem.

inês said...

you look amazing, love it!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

this outfit is perfect in every way possible.

aLe!barrera said...

I saw these guys (Dean and Britta) at Primavera Sound 2011 (Barcelona) recently, playing songs of his old band Galaxie 500. Please, if you have not listened to them, do it, Galaxie 500 es lo más maravilloso del mundo :D

Your post made me feel so happy and nostalgic about my childhood, during long time I thought that Jem and the holograms had been a dream n_n And now is so weird and funny realized that Britta was Jem. How I did not know it before!


Lovely post and shoes ;)

heatherheartsfashion said...

though shoes..omg so amazing. this post is an awesomeness overload, i love your blog!!


SAMANTHA said...

LOVE this post you look amazing and so much exciting stuff!! obsessed with that kimono.


weasel said...

You look great, this kimono is fantastic! And your bag is to die for!!

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That kimono is amazing! I love the colours!
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Anonymous said...

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Phoenix said...

Awesome outfit. Song is amaaaazing.

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

you look AMAZIN. i love those shorts and the kimono!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Gina said...

This is just too good.

Isabel Spectre said...

goshhh you look amazing! I love that bag, your jewelry, your kimono, your shoes.. and everything else too. both trips sound like loads of fun. I am glad you are having a good summer ^^

Sarah said...

Those shoes are hhhhheavenlyy.

Meena Dhuga said...

lovely photos! love your hair colour as well! :)


Meena ♥

Mónica C. Welton said...

i love your choker!
those pics are amazing!


Essie said...

where did you get that turquoise bracelet/ring amazingness?? I MUST HAVE IT!! OMGOMGOMG!

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Hi :)
New to your blog, I loove your bag, your bracelets/rings and loove your nails :D
love the boots on the sand ♥
You're pretty. :)


Belle Armed said...

your hair is amazing. I love how it gives of a "I dont care, im gorgeous" vibe.

and the outfit.. well.. perfect!

pinkmate said...

just found your blog and i think it's nice! I love your kimono in this post! You might want to check my blog as well:) Following you already!



Cylia said...

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Natasha said...

Those shoes that you're wearing seriously make my heart go a'flutter.

Nita -Karoliina said...

your haircolour is perfect.

Iridescent Adolescents said...

SO in love with that baggg

Ginger said...

you are freaking hot!!
nice clicks too!
xoxo from India

Antonia said...

Wooow!! Such a cute outfit!! You look gorgeous!! ^^

Do you wanna follow each other? I really like ur blog. :)



Rita J. said...

So good looking! I love your blog! My favourite*


Anonymous said...

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annette tang said...

love the kimono and necklace. so killer.

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Atlanta, GA shutters said...

You are reflecting a killer instinct wearing vintage platform sandals and konstantino bracelet. This shows how fashion conscious you are.

Diane said...

I'm digging the kimono! Great colors! You have a new follower :)