*zara tshirt from crossroads, american apparel jeans cut into shorts from buffalo exchange, thrifted via spiga cow print ankle boots, necklace from necromance, vintage motorcycle vest, thrifted moroccan belt, girl on a motorcycle clutch.
*photo: me, marie from the maven post, and madeline from jean greige at telltale vintage

thrifted these boots yesterday along with knee high chocolate brown crushed velvet platforms. I KNOW. best finds EVER! these cow print ankle boots are my dream.
i had a crazy busy weekend! it started off with an 8 hour day modeling for the amaaazing girls of telltale vintage (as you can tell, i'm not a fan of showing my face, so the gig did not come natural to me, but it was super fun anyway). followed by a bunch of sewing and tweaking clothes for my and madeline's upcoming online store (and meeting marie from the maven post! she is crazy beautiful in person!), followed by usual work at unearthen, followed by a shitload of yoga... followed by accidentally dosing myself with ecstasy instead of my migraine medication. yep, that happened... and it was HILARIOUS. i was watching eat pray love (stop judging me) and by the end of the movie, i felt really sick... so i took a shower and wondered why on earth if felt so good to wash my hair... about five minutes of laying in the bathtub while playing with my hair and smiling for no reason, i opened my eyes and said out loud, "oh my god i took ecstasy." well, the good news is that it took my migraine away. funniest night of my life, hands down. still wondering why there was half a pill of ecstasy in my wallet. probably from fuck yeah fest a couple weeks ago. anyway, i'm not promoting ecstasy, kiddies. it fries your brain and all of that stuff. stick with mushrooms. au naturel.

on to the good stuff.
melissa and brandy of telltale vintage decided to give ONE OF YOU this incredible girl on a motorcycle leather mini clutch! it's totally rad and i love anything that goes along with a biker aesthetic.

to enter:
1. like girl on a motorcycle on facebook HERE
2. like telltale vintage on facebook HERE
2. follow me on bloglovin' HERE
3. leave a comment with your name and email address. extra entry if you link me to a picture of you on a motorcycle (photoshopped photos count!). i'm serious.
giveaway ends october 2nd. open to international readers.

alright dudes, i gotta finish packing my bags and hit the road north with madeline. oh, and... you should really check out what she did to her hair... i'm sure she'll be posting photos soon- she's like the best my little pony of all time.


kaitlyntru said...

Duuude the boots.Best vintage award goes to you.

PhotogeniqueGirl said...

i wish i had a picture of myself on a motorcycle! or the photoshop skills to do so! XD but i have done all of the above except the second one, because "Telltale Vintage" didn't come up anywhere on facebook. could you link me to it maybe?

The Key To Chic said...

I follow you on Twitter, and saw your hilarious tweets about the pill. Hope you're doing better now, and glad your migraine went away. And how amazing are those boots in your post! Love the heel and the awesome print.

traci lavois said...

I'm on the bike pic, capt.

-traci lavois

The Fancy Teacup said...

Goodness, those cow print boots are super HOT.

♥, Jamie

Caitlin said...

Yes, literally amazing boots. Not enough cow print in Vancouver! I already follow you, and I've liked both blogs on Facebook. The clutch is awesome, I need it. Caitlin - caitlindawson85@yahoo.ca

Dagmara said...

Love your whole outfit and lovely blog in general.


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Girl you KNOW I have a picture of me on a bike. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mr4aZ1oK0S0/ThKi1_Szo-I/AAAAAAAAAxc/7j3gwdK2Rg0/s1600/amurica2.jpg

strawberry freckleface

Danielle V. said...

Ahh! Amazing! I've been following you on Bloglovin for quite some time. Love your blog! :) I also follow both pages on FB as Danielle Villano! Thanks!


Sheryl said...

i'll kill for those boots!! They are awesome...hope you doing better today. Your tweets are always entertaining ;)

have a great weekend at Fresno!!



Atlanta wood blinds said...

Your outfit looks super sexy...loved the waist belt. Also those shorts which is really giving a sexy feeling.

kassie said...

name: Kassie
email: kassie.with.a.k@gmail.com

Meena Dhuga said...

awesome giveaway!


Meena ♥

Kayla said...

LOL ommmggg you took ecstacy on accident?!! Girl i'm glad you didn't take more than 1 or 2. hahahah. that's a pretty awesome story though! lol

<3 Kayla


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decimal shoes said...

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Jessica said...

i completely love your style :D


rawr i wish i knew how to photoshop T.T

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love those boots, they looks a little like the alexa chung for madewell boots i am obsessed w :)

<3 steffy

Maya Hache said...

I liked both pages, I was already following you on bloglovin! Might try and produce a pic of me on a motorbike.. hmm... Love love love your vest by the way!!

Maya (mayuski@hotmail.com)

Lucia said...

absolutely adore your blog, so glad i came across it. xxx

Julie said...

I love your blog =)

Julie Smith

Catarina Veloso said...

Catarina Veloso

Isabel Spectre said...

aahh ohmygosh. You look sooo super cool. The vest is quite amazing.. and I cant believe you got knee high velvet platforms.. that is the best!! I love Madeline's new hair.. she does look like a beautiful my little pony. lol.
For the giveaway: my name is Isabel Spectre, my email is Iflyastarship[at]gmail.com.
Also here is a picture of me on a motorcycle: http://iflyastarship.blogspot.com/2011/06/beeeach.html


Jenny said...

I have liked on fb both pages
fb name Dženeta
I followed u on bloglovin

GFC name: Jenny

LaurenSchoon said...

That clutch is so cute! Awesome giveaway! Followed both on fb and you on bloglovin :)

Lauren S

Mia Hong said...

Thanks for this amazing giveaway!
Haha, I don't have photoshop... =.=

Anyways, my name's Mia Hong, and my e-mail is:

Thank you!

Azreen Sopri said...

Wow! The clutch looks absolutely vintage and rock chic! Love to have them! :D

My name is Nur Azreen Binte Sopri
my email address is nurazreen93@hotmail.com

*crossfingers!* :D

Miss Jillian said...

Love how the Girl On A Motorcycle clutch compliments the leather vest. Plus, I love the photo of you and your galpals. You all look amazing!

Miss Jillian (JilLee83@msn.com)

sharon said...

i am already following your blog and on tumblr. love the clutch. thanks for the chance to win.

Diane said...

This outfit is perfect! I love how you've styled the belt, very interesting and stylish! In love with your shoes too!

I did all the steps!
Diane A.

mandi black said...

love love love your blog! i did all the steps, and here's a pic of me on my boyfriend's motorcycle, haha: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.819190104515.2419689.21421214&type=1#!/photo.php?fbid=932666372165&set=a.819190104515.2419689.21421214&type=1&theater

mandi black


Chal said...


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Chal said...


mswanderlusterphilippines AT gmail DOT com

beneath the glass said...

those boots. damn, i need better vintage stores around me. can't wait to see the velvet platforms, awesome score. and i'm dying to see yours and madeline's store!! hah, your X story was quite entertaining to imagine, i bet your migraine left for sure! madeline's hair looks sick, i'm so jealous, she looks like a nymph, but a bad ass one. and i love telltale hearts, they've got an amazing store and they're totally sweet.

and ironically, i own a motorcycle shop, so you'd think i'd have a pic of me on a bike, but can't think off the top of my head where one would be, since i'm usually the one behind the camera...

Beneath the Glass

Lara said...

Following on Facebook @Lara Mercury and on Bloglovin with larushkali[at]gmail[dot]com.

Lara T.

Lara said...

There is something mesmerizing about cut-out shoulders and a vest! I'm rocking a similar look on this bike outside of a dive bar :)

Jared Fox said...

I love your blog. Huge fan right here. Now I know I'm a dude and all, but I would totally rock that mini clutch every day of my life. For serious.

Jared Fox

Luisa T. said...

Loved your blog, this giveaway is amazing :)
Luisa Tormenta

Amber A. said...

I'm so happy I found your blog from Madeline! I totally dig your style something serious. Also, that clutch is gooooorgeous.

Amber Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Done everything but tragically I can't show you the picture of myself and my siblings on my grandfathers Harley: it's framed at home!

Thanks for this