*vintage kimono, wasteland tank, DIY vintage shorts, vintage belt, vintage platform sandals, vintage bucket bag, konstantino bracelet

first of all- i finally caved and started using my TUMBLR. follow me! give me some suggestions! i'm so addicted, even though i swore i'd never be.

this weekend was pretty wonderful, despite this gnarly heat wave that has my face melting off 90% of the day. madeline and i spent friday sourcing for our upcoming online store... i had to snag a few of our items to wear while walking around los feliz today... i love it all SO MUCH. the vintage neon orange kimono, breathtaking vintage leather bucket bag, and vintage western belt are a few pieces from our MASSIVE amount of stock. i might put up a fight for this bag... it's insane. i spent part of the drive home hugging it while madeline looked at me like i needed a psychiatric evaluation. picked up these ridiculous platform sandals at a vintage shop today... anything that has a wooden platform heel is just going to be mine, simple as that.

yesterday adam and i suffered through nearly three hours of traffic to get to malibu for some much needed swimming and beach time. i really wish i had photo documentation of us body surfing in the crystal clear water as the sun was setting... it seriously looked and felt like a scene from a movie shot in hawaii. going to the beach never fails to center me and make me feel like myself again. can't wait to get back there as soon as possible.

i've been meaning to post about my recent discovery (thanks, sis!) of a project commissioned by the andy warhol foundation- dean from the rad 90's band LUNA and britta from jem and the holograms are a sickeningly beautiful and talented couple who were asked to score 13 of andy warhol's famous screen tests. the outcome is 13 screen tests set to the most painfully perfect music written specifically for the person in the video by dean and britta. they've been touring this creation for a few years now, and my sister was lucky enough to see it. i've been watching the videos on repeat for over a week now... if you're a velvet underground, andy warhol, or just general music fan... you will love them. they're all on youtube, but here's one of my favorites:



*vintage tank, bb dakota silky pants cut into shorts, vintage belt, necklace and boots from wasteland, forever 21 cuff, target faux leather jacket

my interpretation of a 90's hooker in outer space... one who also rides a motorcycle?
i HAVE to mention that while i was taking these photos, my neighbors were having the craziest, loudest, screaming-like-they're-dying sex right next to me. it was awkward. i was standing up there by myself cracking up like a 10 year old... but i don't let you see me cracking up in the photos because i'm trying to be mysterious or something, i guess. (by the way, i just realized this jacket is worn in my last three posts. it's a current favorite?)
i want to wear this crazy space necklace with EVERYTHING. it's so cool. have you guys heard that wasteland is opening up an online store? i'm sure i've mentioned it before, but that's where i do at least 50% of my shopping. i don't even want to know what an online store is going to do my already limited self control. i'm scared. very scared.

oh and you know what is SUPER IMPORTANT to mention?
today is MADELINE'S birthday! she has quickly become one of my best friends, she's my business partner, and she's the coolest looking person in the world... so you should totally go visit her blog and wish her a radical birthday, because she so deserves it. i mean, just look at her! she makes me look like i got dressed in the dark while intoxicated.


happy birthday, madeline!!!!!!!!!!!!!



*vintage tie dye wrap dress, vintage combat boots, 4+ year old target faux leather jacket, vintage jewelry

it's VERY hard for me to just put on a dress and be done. i put on a belt when i went out after these photos were taken... i have a hard time editing my outfits. i'm in the market for some more dresses... after wearing this one and discovering how easy it was to get dressed, i'm kind of sold. maybe i'm slowly morphing into a real girl? what's next... stilettos?
(over my dead body)

one of the most beautiful songs you'll ever hear... wait 29 seconds into it:



*vintage camo cut off shirt, target faux leather jacket (yep. target. i've worn this thing for 5+ years and it gets better every time), american apparel disco shorts (taking butt-grazing to a whole new limit), vintage velvet boots, handmade wooden necklace from mexico, vintage leopard belt, unearthen prism ring, gifted konstantino bracelet

i am the first person to assume the worst of humanity and agree that we're all evil... but when my friend walked up and handed me my beloved camera the other night, it was like the universe shook me and said, "see? we're not ALL bad." it definitely restored my faith in people- how easy would it have been for whoever had it to stick this on ebay and pay their rent for the month (or just buy a shitload of drugs and booze)?
oh, and yeah, i totally cried when she walked up with it. i don't dress like a girl, but i'm sappier than most of them.

i didn't set up that little pathetic excuse for a seance for these photos, by the way. apparently i forgot that travis, adam, and i had a pathetic excuse for a seance on my roof one night (when i say seance, i mean intoxicated and listening to spiritualized) and neglected to bring everything back inside, resulting in puddles of melted wax on my now faded and filthy blanket.

madeline and i are up to something huuuuuge... we now have a DBA, a seller's permit, a website in the works, and are on page 4 of writing our business plan. can't wait to share...



*gifted romewe.com denim shirt and space dress, american apparel sheer black tank, vintage leopard belt, vintage bag, jeffrey campbell brit boots, gifted konstantino bracelet

my camera was stolen... but i guess i'm to blame, since i took it with me on a party bus and left it unattended at the house afterwards with a bunch of random drunks. it was only 2 months old- too young to be taken from it's mother. i am devastated, of course. the silver lining, however, is that my dude friend casually mentioned that i could borrow his CANON 5D... you know, just a simple little $6,000 camera with enough settings to make my brain start oozing out of my ears. i figured out the BASICS and the photos are still magical... i can't even imagine the possibilities if you knew the total ins and outs of this thing. apparently i suck at focusing this camera- mental note taken for next time.
camera drama aside, romwe.com sent me a package of super rad clothes that i've been wearing all week. i'm not sure what provoked me to think that i needed a sheer asymmetrical space dress... but now i own one and i'm pretty into it. layered it with an american apparel tank and a leopard print belt because that's just what i do... visual vomit.