*urban outfitters net top, vintage guess diy cut off shorts, thrifted velvet platforms for $3, vintage jewelry, unearthen crystal quartz pyramid watch, pendleton bag. photos taken by madeline of jean greige

madeline and i are in central california doing some work related things... such as paying a visit to my secret jewelry lady way up in the mountains- hence the scenery. i'm wearing a few pieces of what we found today- the necklace, silver camel bracelet, and gold moonstone (mania mania-esque!) ring on my index finger. those are just a FEW of the incredible things we scored for our shop.... did i mention we have a couple of these pendleton bags as well? i'm pretty sure we're going to go broke from just keeping all of our merchandise and never being able to part with any of it. we're hoping to have our site up and running by december 1st! we are so ridiculously excited.

so how stupid are these shoes? i walked into salvation army today and made a beeline right for them. i can spot leopard print anything from miles away, much like an owl can spot a mouse in a field in the middle of the night. one of my many useless talents.

i'm pooped. time for bed. don't forget to enter my giveaway for a girl on a motorcycle clutch here!!!

some truth:
"He who is humble is confident and wise. He who brags is insecure and lacking." - Lisa Edmondson



*zara tshirt from crossroads, american apparel jeans cut into shorts from buffalo exchange, thrifted via spiga cow print ankle boots, necklace from necromance, vintage motorcycle vest, thrifted moroccan belt, girl on a motorcycle clutch.
*photo: me, marie from the maven post, and madeline from jean greige at telltale vintage

thrifted these boots yesterday along with knee high chocolate brown crushed velvet platforms. I KNOW. best finds EVER! these cow print ankle boots are my dream.
i had a crazy busy weekend! it started off with an 8 hour day modeling for the amaaazing girls of telltale vintage (as you can tell, i'm not a fan of showing my face, so the gig did not come natural to me, but it was super fun anyway). followed by a bunch of sewing and tweaking clothes for my and madeline's upcoming online store (and meeting marie from the maven post! she is crazy beautiful in person!), followed by usual work at unearthen, followed by a shitload of yoga... followed by accidentally dosing myself with ecstasy instead of my migraine medication. yep, that happened... and it was HILARIOUS. i was watching eat pray love (stop judging me) and by the end of the movie, i felt really sick... so i took a shower and wondered why on earth if felt so good to wash my hair... about five minutes of laying in the bathtub while playing with my hair and smiling for no reason, i opened my eyes and said out loud, "oh my god i took ecstasy." well, the good news is that it took my migraine away. funniest night of my life, hands down. still wondering why there was half a pill of ecstasy in my wallet. probably from fuck yeah fest a couple weeks ago. anyway, i'm not promoting ecstasy, kiddies. it fries your brain and all of that stuff. stick with mushrooms. au naturel.

on to the good stuff.
melissa and brandy of telltale vintage decided to give ONE OF YOU this incredible girl on a motorcycle leather mini clutch! it's totally rad and i love anything that goes along with a biker aesthetic.

to enter:
1. like girl on a motorcycle on facebook HERE
2. like telltale vintage on facebook HERE
2. follow me on bloglovin' HERE
3. leave a comment with your name and email address. extra entry if you link me to a picture of you on a motorcycle (photoshopped photos count!). i'm serious.
giveaway ends october 2nd. open to international readers.

alright dudes, i gotta finish packing my bags and hit the road north with madeline. oh, and... you should really check out what she did to her hair... i'm sure she'll be posting photos soon- she's like the best my little pony of all time.



*harley davidson boots, diy cut off vintage shorts, american apparel tshirt, urban outfitters army jacket, vintage leopard bag from australia, vintage coin necklace as bracelet, handmade necklace from necromance, rings from mexico, evil eye bracelet from cauldron kitty in silverlake.

life, man.

that's really all i can say to sum up the last week for me. it's been a doozy. i wanted to spend the day doing something that helped me center myself again, so adam and i started off with a gigantic brunch at Local, followed by hitting all of the best witchcraft/medieval/hippie stores in Silverlake... i came out of our excursion with the most incredible necklace (pictured above- includes coins, shells, teeth, and beads), an evil eye bracelet to protect against negativity, beetle shells (yes real ones... i'm going to use them to make a necklace) bath salt, a candle, a kale/coconut/banana/cinnamon smoothie, and a shit ton of incense. now i'm off to yoga and then coming home to clean the hell out of my apartment and use my new bath salt in a very long bath.
hope you all have an equally relaxing evening.

(side note: can you believe these boots are harley davidson? i totally did the roger-rabbit-eyes-popping-out-when-he-sees-jessica-rabbit thing when i saw them in a little shop while walking down venice beach... it took me all of 30 seconds to try them on and purchase them. there just isn't much that's more perfect than motorcycle platforms.)

i'll leave you with a little mazzy...


edit: if my shorts are so obscenely short that they offend you- then get the hell off of my blog and check out my tumblr! :)



tie dye bra from garment district, vintage pants, vintage belt, handmade wooden necklace from mexico, vintage sandals (only pair i own/falling apart/my favorites)

as most of you know, psychedelia is my favorite thing in the entire world. i know that's a broad statement, but it truly reigns supreme in all aspects of my life, from my musical tastes to the way i decorate my apartment, and of course to the fabrics and clothing that i'm most drawn to. these pants are a 70's psychedelic DREAM. they might be the most perfect things i've ever seen, and if you agree, you'll have a chance to purchase them once my and madeline's online store launches in a couple months! our store is going to look like the best acid trip of ALL TIME.

i try to include music in each post, so this time i'll include a video from one of my favorite bands that i'll be seeing this saturday- if you live in the greater los angeles area you MUST go. this line-up is SOOOO RAD and all of my favorite people in los angeles will be there. it's going to be an amazing time.


a couple more quick things!

#1: say hey to my awesome new sponsors telltale hearts vintage! you should most definitely go visit their store if you live in los angeles, it's lovely and the girls are the raddest... but even if you don't, you can shop for beautiful vintage pieces through their online shop! i never ever ever promote things or people that i don't actually dig, so you should support these two women running an amazing business and pick up some sweet stuff in the process.

#2: madeline is nominated for chictopia's influential blogger of the year award... and if she wins, she gets to go to new york! she's the best person on the planet and deserves to win, so vote vote vote!!

#3: i'm still tumbling away... quite addicted, actually. follow me here.