*vintage vest, vintage tank top cut into crop top, vintage pants cut into shorts, vintage belt, vintage bag, unearthen sphere ring, vintage necklaces, annie costello brown triangle bracelet, jeffrey campbell nation ankle boots

this is my new pup, Luna! i never know how long i'll end up having the dogs that i foster, but i think i'll be okay with having her for longer than normal because she is a PERFECT dog. just look at that face!

madeline took these photos this morning when i was dropping off Luna at her house so i could go to work.
i left the two of them alone in my apartment for 20 minutes yesterday, and when i returned, Luna was sitting in madeline's lap with a pile of white fur surrounding them. she was cutting molded dreadlocks out of Luna's fur. madeline is literally an angel... i know this is probably made apparent from her insanely amazing and insightful blog, but i'm telling you- she's the real deal. i'm probably going to go ahead and get her face tattooed on my body. b + m = <3 4eva

can you tell that i got an hour of sleep last night and i'm slightly (really) delusional?

after the last tunnel vision product shoot tonight, i'll be going to see NO AGE! absolutely one of my favorite bands ever. dig it.


Tonya said...

LOVE it all! I'm so jealous you're able to wear shorts, it's so shitty here in Washington :/
Loving your necklaces and the shoes..and everything!!


The Fancy Teacup said...

Luna is adorable! And totally drooling over your bag and boots. x


SAMANTHA said...

love your jewels as always and your boots are great, your pup is adorable too :)


We Can Pretend said...

so happy i came acorss your blog, love all your photos! so much inspiration since our styles are very similar!
check out my blog =)


Claudine Claire Chua said...

Cute Luna! :)
I like your outfit and you are sexy with that outfit. :)


Isabel Spectre said...

oooieee I am so excited for Tunnel Vision! I hope the No Age concert is suuuper wonderful.

Luna is such a cute name for a dog! tehe. Do these foster dogs come named already?

Your outfit, as usual, is great. gosh I am jealous that it is so warm in LA. I mean it is WAY warmer than usual here, but looking at you in shorts.. ahh it makes me jealous.

Miss Shannon Kaitlyn Veronica said...

love love love the entire outfit especially those boots! xx


Vítek Groesl said...

i love that perfect outfit!)

Vítek Groesl said...

i love that perfect outfit!))

flowercake said...

the shorts are awesome i can never finda pair

celliasaragih said...

super cool!!


Zoё said...

Love the shoes, they really finish the outfit off! Sounds like you've been busy, get some sleep! Plus I love the music you posted, awesome band, have fun watching them!

Lucia said...

perfect outfit, perfect accessories xxx

Ivory † said...

You perfect. I wish I could pull off the shit.


Cáti said...

love your style :)

she is a cute dog *

I'm following :)


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

perfect shorts and love your boots!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Bespoke Biddie said...

lovely as always, you just totally iinfluenced my beach look for the next few days


Heather said...

Love your style so much! It's so hippy-esq but with a modern twist! Also Luna is super super super adorable!!! That's so great that you foster doggies! I wish I had a bigger apt because I totally would. I really want a puppy!


Sara Cantero Costan said...

nice post!


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

We seriously love this look on you! The booties are beyondddd amazing.

Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


Flopy said...

I love your boots <3


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Best jewelry. Best ever.

Ciara Baron said...

Aw, your new doggie is SO adorable!!
Your blog is lovely.

Ciara xx

soldoutforever said...

you look stunning, love every piece of your outfit :)


BlueVanilla said...

Love this look! You are so good at putting accessories together! Your new pup is too cute!

Hot Pink Day
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puherock said...

el outfit està bueno y tu bolso es genial ;)

little moon lover said...

awesome jewelry!.. love the look.. can't wait for summer to arrive.. It's still so cold in here.. stay cool!


Cute vest and cute dog as well.

Mitsue Sanroman said...

wow! stunning as always!
Mitsue ♡