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blogging has slowly made it's way down to the very bottom of my priority list, and i haven't put up much of a fight to stop it, either.
i'm turning 26 next month, and as terrifying as that is to say out loud (or type into a public forum, same difference), i am pretty damn pleased with where i am and more importantly, who i am. sure, i probably have about 10 bucks in my bank account right now, but i basically have to pinch myself every day when i realize how many incredible people i'm surrounded by.

my wonderful little blogging/internet community has turned into real life friendships (see pictured above: madisabel, seaghna, casey, rachel, sarah... not pictured: taylor, sabella, blake). i can't even begin to say how lucky i am to know all of these people. they are phenomenal human beings that make me hate the world SO much less.

living in my beautiful house with my perfect roommate enaia has resulted in a magical house party full of friends with our favorite bands playing in our backyard, with another one happening again tomorrow. it feels like we're really doing something special with this place, and that's exactly what i wanted... a place to just BE and love and enjoy friends and music.

as if all of this wasn't already enough, i've been consistently styling for Kill City, with a few photos above from the last lookbook shoot in the desert. i can't wait to see the photos, as i'm sure they will be incredible thanks to working with such a killer team of creative geniuses (kali, mad, graham, ramsell).

between all of this was FYF (which ended up being the craziest/weirdest day of my life. thank you psychedelic drugs for never letting me down), beach trips, and loads of Tunnel Vision work. 

now that i summed up the last few weeks of my life in yet another instagram photo blog post, i'm off to the TV studio for a night of product shots, followed by a full day of Kill City product shots starting early tomorrow morning, followed by a party/show at my house tomorrow night, followed by another music festival, TV lookbook shoot, more Kill City product shots... you get the idea.

i'm in an amazing whirlwind right now and i just can't seem to break out of it to put on something other than a cut off t-shirt and shorts and take photos of myself to post on the internet for strangers to say "omg so cute!" because that does literally nothing to make me happier or be a more fulfilled person.

this turned into a rant when it wasn't suppose to, but my consistent goal with this blog is to hopefully inspire small changes in whoever might be reading it... and today i hope that small change might be to realize how beautiful life is and to just let yourself get caught up in it once in awhile & just be, despite how good or bad things are. plenty of "bad" things have been happening in between all of this good, but instead of freaking out, i've been attempting to ride the waves and focus on the positive aspects instead of the negative, and just let things unfold in front of me and adjust my path accordingly.

and with that, i'll leave you with this video (taken by the wonderful anthony) of my dear friend phil's band Juju playing their last song in my backyard a few nights ago. watching this makes my heart swell with love. the last two minutes are so beautiful it hurts.


mojomade said...

This is such a gorgeous post - I just had a birthday entering the end of the late twenties too!! hehe... And I feel at exactly the same place - plenty of bad but not freaking out... There's so much creativity going on it couldn't be any better!

Good luck to you gorgeous and thanks for some extra inspiration :) x

Morgan x

MADELINE said...


rachel//arielle said...

seriously, i fucking love you. I actually can't wait for tomorrow night, like, at all. oh and then saturday what the fuck

rachel//arielle said...

seriously, i fucking love you. I actually can't wait for tomorrow night, like, at all. oh and then saturday what the fuck

Angelina said...

Aaaagh your life seem like a magical place to be right now. This post makes me happy :) :) :) Your blog makes me happy. Aaaah life...

nicola said...

This blog post made my day/week/actually month. And Juju playing in your backyard looks magical. Ohhh

katieli said...

I absolutely love reading your posts because they truly inspire me. You always have such thought provoking things to say. Though I'm not at your stage in life right now where I'm completely happy with my lifestyle and career, just reading about yours makes me hopeful that my day will come. Lately I've been in this weird battle with myself and trying to figure out what life direction i want to go in. Seeing how happy and grateful you are allows me to know that it's possible to reach that stage because honestly, sometimes it's hard to remember there's a light at the end of the tunnel (vision). Thanks for reminding me what i should be working towards. happiness. and nothing else.

Kristin said...

Love this post. I 100% agree with positive attitudes.

Leticia said...

when life happens like yours, it´s happening like a great everyday adventure! love your blog, your style and your shop! rock on, doll!


Lori Miu said...

omg love your shorts!

edgeindustrialphotography said...

this is why I love your blog.
never stop writing. love what
you wrote. we should all live
in the moment more.

*there* is no better than here.
there is no better than here.

Blake Jacobsen said...

I love you and secretly wish that you and Madeline were my lesbian mothers. That's the intensity of my love.

*sigh* A boy can dream.

bravegrrl said...

Miss you already, I just wanna give you a hug xoxoxo

And music festival?!? Hit me up!

bravegrrl said...

Miss you already, I just wanna give you a hug xoxoxo

And music festival?!? Hit me up!

rachel bambi said...

cool pics! cool blog!
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Joanne Christina said...

I love the contrast of your photos.


Nico said...

this post is incredibly inspiring, glad to hear youre at a good point in your life, thats all what matters!



miestiloesmimundo said...

Love this post and your blog of course!! Awesome style :))http://miestiloesmimundo.blogspot.com/

Izumi Bogen said...

The video is so full of emotion, I can't imagine how great that party was. Your backyard looks amazing by the way, like a little piece of heaven!