*vintage wizard tank from Prism of Threads, BAD VIBES holograph space shorts [coming to Tunnel Vision soon], vegan crocodile bag c/o Heather Belle Co.

LIFE! i lost my camera charger, have driven to SF three times in the past month, have been working like crazy, and am now in the central coast at my parent's place for the holiday- exhale.

i have about a million things to photograph; i've been sent some really incredible vegan clothing and accessories that i'm excited to share, including this absolutely PERFECT vegan crocodile bag from Heather Belle Co. i've never in my life owned a "nice" purse- i usually carry a beat up army bag or something similar to a duffle bag, for convenience and comfort purposes only. however, this one is large enough for me to still cram a good portion of my life into while still being ridiculously beautiful and cruelty-free. WIN.

okay, i guess it's time to address the psychedelic astronaut elephant in the room. besides my instagram, this is the first peak of our Bad Vibes shorts collection. we finally found a wonderful seamstress (cough thank you miracle eye cough) and these along with a few other styles will be available really soon via Tunnel Vision (i mean it this time).

last but not least, as i was walking around downtown san luis obispo today, i was extremely pleased to see anti-fur protesters (very kind, non-confrontational people who were holding signs and handing out pamphlets very politely) dedicating their time and energy to spreading important information on the busiest shopping day of the year. i'd like to spread some of that knowledge and close this post with a few bullet points from a pamphlet i received from them. ignorance is not bliss, please remember that.

-more than 2 million dogs and cats are killed annually for their fur. they are used for everything from fur-trimmed garments to toy stuffed animals. 
-the number of animals killed for fur trim is expected to exceed the number of animals killed for full-fur garments.
-on fur farms, life in a small cage leads animals to self-mutilate, frantically pace, and cannibalize their cage mates in response to their crowded confinement.
-animals on fur farms are killed by cruel slaughter methods that keeps the pelts intact such as gassing, electrocution, neck breaking, and poisoning. 
-animals caught in steel-jawed traps can linger for days or weeks before a trapper comes to kill them. one in 4 animals- often mothers desperate to return to their young- chew off their own limbs to escape only to die of blood loss predation.

as beautiful, fashionable, and powerful as these women are... it absolutely blows my mind and confuses me to no end how they are so willing to participate in such horrendous acts of ignorant self-indulgence such as covering themselves in and designing clothing and accessories using fur of countless different species of animals (like this $17,000 bag they designed using foxes, calves, and alligators). if i had the opportunities and connections that these women do, i would do everything in my power to change the industry and make beautiful clothing and accessories that did not involve the torturing and murder of innocent creatures... but, i guess i would do a lot of things differently than most people. 

i apologize if this post came off as preachy, but it's been awhile since i posted and i've had a lot on my mind. i need to be able to speak freely about things that are important to me in order to keep blogging and not feel like it's a waste of my time. my aim isn't to make people feel bad or guilty or stupid, but hopefully to open the eyes of some people who just weren't aware of the information and inspire small or big changes in their lifestyles. also, the link above references PETA. please know that i do not 100% support PETA and many of their past and present actions are not how i would personally handle things. i do not subscribe to any type of extremist group, i simply live by by own ethical standards.


rachel//arielle said...

oh hey, i love you.

Kat T. said...

Dude, you guys better have a pair of hologram shorts on the side with a post-it that says, "For Kat" because I don't care how much they cost, I WILL SPEND IT.

Eugh, I'm constantly surprised that fur farms are still a thing. Or that real fur is a thing. We're on top of the food chain, where we manufacture our own means of keeping warm. Wearing the hide or skin of another animal is no longer necessary. Fake fur all the way, man.

Angelina said...

1. Holy shit I can't even comprehend how fuckin awesome those shorts are. Like, I obvz love what you wear all the time, but HOLY JEEZ THESE ARE ACTUALLY SO GOOD. I would (WILL) pay good money for those. Not kidding. Not exaggerating. Like, woah. Can't wait for Bad Vibes to be up on TV :)

2. Fuck that animal-killing bullshit. I mean, it's bad enough when it's for food, but it's even WORSE when it's for purely aesthetic reasons. Like, you don't need that fur trim to survive, okay? WHAT THE HELL. I didn't even know that dogs and cats were killed for their fur! Obviously they're not any more important than other animals, but they're so associated with domestication and people think that no one would ever kill one at all, never mind to be used as fur for clothing. The most common argument I hear for not going vegetarian is that people just could get enough protein etc as a vegan/vegetarian, but you don't even NEED fur to survive. It's not cheaper than fake fur, like how some meat can be cheaper than fake meat. What.

Sorry for the long-winded comment, grrrl, but this whole post rocks.

Severine Arend said...

Brit you're just a beauty inside and out.

Thank you for pointing this out, it does astound me that these new age designers seem to think its ok to create new items out of animal fur. I have been guilty of thrifting an old furry garment before, but have since wiped out most from my closet. It isn't an excuse to wear vintage fur neither as it seems to spur designers to create new furs, but you'd think in our day and age and with all our advancements in otehr materials that can resemble furriness, that the industry would ban making NEW fur anything. What is wrong with people ? Obviously even between the two of them, a soul is worth more than their money can buy..

Esocalling said...

I wanted to ask what your opinion on vintage fur is but I just saw your previous comment.. like for example I found a really old black fur coat in the attic, which has been here I-don't-know how long, and I'm considering cutting it up to line a coat for cold winters when I visit Sweden. But I can't really decide if I should do that because I don't want to wear fur.. but it seems like such a waste to just let it sit there when it could be keeping me warm! What do you thing? ^^

Brit Nason said...

Escocalling, thanks for reading + the question! that's a very specific situation in which i think using the fur is completely acceptable and guilt-free. firstly, you didn't purchase the fur coat. secondly, you want to use it to line the inside of a jacket, not to wear out as is (although in this case i wouldn't think you were an evil person if you did that either, since you found it). i still wear vintage leather because it's the one thing i allow myself to do until better vegan options become available. wearing vintage fur/leather is ALWAYS better than buying it new, however it is just the lesser of two evils. i think that by using the fur coat to keep yourself warm and appreciate it for it's natural use is paying a nice homage to the animal instead of throwing it in the trash. if you aren't familiar with "freegans", look it up, it's very interesting! hope my opinion helped, even if it may be "wrong"!

Jacqueline From Da Block said...

Fucking real shit right here. You're beautiful and I love your store and designs! I'm studying to be a Marine Biologist and it saddens me to know that our species has almost completely obliterated animal rights, etc. They were here before us, they will be here after us. I do feel like crap for wearing new leather, even using everyday items that are not cruelty free. But it is what it is. That's how I live now. I love that you know what you stand for and not only what you stand against. That's fucking admirable.

Oh and ps, remember when you had Crystallized running? I bought a vintage faux fur from ya and I'm proud I did. Thank you for this post. You're amazing.

Esocalling said...

Thanks for answering ^__^ the shorts are amazing btw!

songbird said...

i feel icky touching real fur or leather..i get it gets really cold in some places which i have never had to deal with her in india..but i believe there are other options always..i am not sure about people being okay with using vintage fur but i guess it is more ethical..
i shared this post on my twitter brit..would have linked your twitter but couldn't find it

Jasmine Nicole said...

although I am not a vegan, I have never been a fan of fur after learning about these harsh practices. I do agree that all of these things are wrong and I hope one day they do change.

Sara said...

how can these people live with themselves by wearing real fur all i see when i see a real fur jacket is the poor animal that was slaughtered just to make some else warm.
And that some one else could have just gotten a faux fur jacket for practically half the price as the real one.
i mean come on people your killing other living things just to make a fashion statement.

Ánderix said...

The shorts are awesome, and I am totally in love with the wizard t shirt. I need it now!!
I don't understand why they keep mistreating animals if they can emulate their skin or fur or leather and make bags as good as the one you are wearing.
If it looks just as well, why do they care if it's NOT original skin? I would be glad!
Kisses, Brit!

ZHENYA said...



Ana Formigo said...

jesus love those shorts so much! ~

Minh Tran said...

I actually really enjoy it when you discuss ethical treatment of animals! Keep them coming, it feels good to be educated while looking at good clothes. My guilty pleasure is leather and suede, but all my leather goods are vintage, so it's nice that you wear vintage leather in your previous posts too.

Anthea Lau said...

LOVE those space shorts! they are seriously cool for summer! just in time in aussie xoxo
thanks for the love hon, I'm following you now!

Poppy said...

whoah those shorts are insanley awesome xx

Constance said...

i loooove this style!!!!


Grace said...

You're a gem Brit.

Completely with you on the fur.--when it's purely aesthetics, it's wrong.

But since that phrase 'lesser-than-two-evils' keeps getting thrown around, I have to bring up the anti-fur issue. CNN, and other reputable media sources, have revealed that things labeled as 'faux fur' are often STILL animal hair. And on an environmental note, the factories that produce the synthetic fibers used in faux fur produce more toxins than many animal farms. And after all, this ALL of our homes--those cute cuddly animals and us human folks.

In extremely cold climates, animal furs serve an actual purpose. (Cold climates, not urban climate.) Faux furs serve ZERO purpose, always.

I don't condone mistreating animals in any way. I just think the earth, our home, is an equally important issue--and it gets forgotten sometimes.

AND ON THAT LONG NOTE. Peace to all the kitties. And be nice to your mother earth.


bravegrrl said...

i love you. you are perfect. you make me want to speak my mind on my blog... and then i cry... ridiculous right?

Eric Saeter said...

That shit's fucked. Use the resources "fame" provides you with to do more than the average person. No excuses.

CULTstyle said...

Those shorts are to die for X