*vintage everything except bag from garment district and TUNNEL VISION ankh necklace

madeline was kind enough to snap a few photos before we spent the day at the melrose flea market. highlight of the day definitely involved two weird poodle/tina turner hybrid dogs with fluffy afros bigger than their bodies... i still don't think my stomach muscles have recovered from laughing so hard.
also picked up a fringed Peruvian bag with a llama on the front of it (yes, i now own two Peruvian llama bags, i guess it can be labeled an obsession at this point) and this AMAZING seashell bowl, which madeline convinced me to wear as a hat:


we also picked up some ridiculously cool stuff for TUNNEL VISION, which we've been updating all this week with new stock. i'll be doing another update starting right after this blog post, so be sure to check it out! here's a peek of new stock, featuring our rad/hilarious/beautiful bff model extraordinaire Taylor:


also, don't forget about the necklace giveaway on our facebook page! only two days left to enter.



*vintage coat, american apparel bikini, TUNNEL VISION necklaces, vintage t-shirt, TUNNEL VISION shorts, jeffrey campbell brit boots, vintage shell bracelet, vintage sunglasses

today was one of those days where i woke up and immediately knew i needed to drive to the beach, to get away for just a few hours. i've been doing pretty well with sticking to my new years resolution of making it to the beach at least once a week, and i'm kind of kicking ass at being vegan (i DO slip up here and there, but for the most part, i'm impressing myself with my self-control). halfway to Malibu, i decided that i wanted to keep driving to Ventura. i had my windows down, music all the way up, hair whipping around my face, staring at the crashing waves off of the PCH... and it was just too peaceful to stop. just past malibu, i spotted this insanely gorgeous beach called Syracuse Cove... i can't even believe it's real. it looked exactly like Maui, and there was literally NO ONE there. i had the entire beach to myself. there are no words to describe how perfect it was. some people go to church, i go to the beach.

a few songs from my playlist today while driving:





We decided to do a really rad giveaway to thank everyone for the seriously incredible support, kind words, and encouragement that we've been receiving on Facebook, our blogs, and via email. It means so much to us, you have no idea!

To enter, head on over to the TUNNEL VISION facebook page!




*anthropologie t-shirt, UO pleather pants, vintage boots, vintage necklaces, unearthen prism ring and vial necklace, vintage sunglasses, vintage bag, gifted konstantino bracelet

wore this to the desert this weekend to attend a Moon Block Party with a shit ton of hippies and a Dead Meadow performance. i won't go into detail (because it wouldn't make sense to anyone not on psychedelic drugs), but it was hands down one of the best weekends of my life. my fondest memory was leaning on adam's shoulder as Dead Meadow was about to go on, and very sincerely asking, "why are we not all frogs?" and "why are we all wearing clothes?"

if you've never listened to Dead Meadow, you are in for a serious treat. check out this video recorded 12 years ago, and then a more recent one below that. they have been one of my favorite bands for as long as i can remember... i'm actually seeing them again tonight, which is why i'm outta here.




TUNNEL VISION launched for our facebook and twitter followers today, with a 50% discount code. the response has completely blown my expectations out of the water- we sold 80+ items in about 7 hours. there is still a TON of amazing stuff (especially jewelry) available, and the sale is still going on... so don't miss out!

above are some of my favorite images from our lookbook, KILL SURF CITY, which was inspired by this Jesus and Mary Chain video.

i'm actually a little bit in shock right now, so i don't think i can properly formulate a "thank you" big enough to elaborate exactly how thankful i actually am. having so much support in what i love to do is a pretty indescribable feeling, and i don't take it for granted for even one second.



*american apparel crop top, jeffrey campbell boots from wasteland, vintage sunglasses, TUNNEL VISION shorts, jewelry, bag, jacket (coming soon)

i love rich jewel tones- my apartment decor looks a lot like this outfit. i thought i'd wear some of my favorite TUNNEL VISION items the day before we launch... i'm so sad to see this stuff go, as they are all things that i would keep and treasure forever. alas, i've become so much less dependent on keeping things ever since i started buying and selling vintage clothes two years ago. it's easy to let something go when you know that you'll be able to find something just as cool, if not cooler, again soon. for me, thrifting is feeding some strange addiction that i have- the thrill of the hunt is how i like to describe it. i get a serious adrenaline rush when i walk into a thrift store... almost like drugs. buying and selling clothes wasn't necessarily my dream job (i've always wanted to work with animals), but i know that i'm good at it, and hell, i enjoy the shit out of it.

i've made it my life goal to travel the world, search high and low for flea markets, hidden treasures, and handmade goods. i want to bring beauty and craftsmanship and one of a kind items to people who appreciate them as much as i do. the way the world is headed makes me more sad that i can express in a blog post- the mass-produced clothes, the atrocious working conditions of people producing said mass-produced clothes, and the depleting resources used to do so, are all huge reasons why i am passionate about this line of work. shopping vintage and second-hand is such an amazing, fun, and creative way to stop greed and consumerism. of course, i'm still selling clothes, which is in itself consumerism, but i feel like i'm doing it in a way that encourages change.


with all of that said, madeline and i are beyond thrilled to open TUNNEL VISION tomorrow. we have poured our hearts and souls into this store. we have so many ideas and projects that we can't wait to start on. the store will be constantly evolving and growing, and we hope that you stick with us through it. we will be introducing our own line of clothing, possibly our own jewelry collection, and much much more. it's our creative outlet and our lives.

we've experienced so much love from the online fashion community that we decided to give everyone who "likes" us on Facebook a chance to pre-shop the store before we go public, with a very significant discount code that we'll be announcing tomorrow.
so, head on over to the TUNNEL VISION Facebook page and keep an eye out for the code tomorrow morning. we can't wait to hear what you think!



Laura Mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer- $42, Anastasia Brow Pen- $21, Benetint in Posie- $29, Covergirl Line Exact liquid eyeliner- about $7 at Walgreens

i'm definitely not a makeup pro, but i have been wearing liquid eyeliner basically since i could walk (okay more like since i was 12- same difference). i HATE feeling like i have a ton of makeup on- it drives me absolutely crazy. my skin is super dry and drab, so i recently discovered the absolute perfect tinted moisturized by Laura Mercier. it has illuminating properties which leave my skin glowing without being sparkly or heavy, while evening out any splotchiness in my face.
i was cursed with light eyebrows (anyone who also has light eyebrows knows how horrible it is!) and JUST YESTERDAY finally found the perfect remedy. this brow pen acts as a stain, so it doesn't wear off like a pencil! it really is magic. i'm obsessed.
also picked up some Benetint because, once again, my face is just blah without any makeup on. lipstick always comes off, i hate the texture of lipgloss, so this stuff is heaven-sent. just a little dab on my lips and i'm good for hours.
lastly- my number one makeup item. i go through this stuff like water. i can't apply liquid eyeliner without it having a marker-like tip such as this one. it's so much easier to apply than most other eyeliners that i've tried... plus it's waterproof, which i absolutely need because i have really intense allergies causing my eyes to water way more than any normal person's should.

that's it! everything else i use isn't very interesting, but i recommend trying these things out!



*vintage vest, vintage tank top cut into crop top, vintage pants cut into shorts, vintage belt, vintage bag, unearthen sphere ring, vintage necklaces, annie costello brown triangle bracelet, jeffrey campbell nation ankle boots

this is my new pup, Luna! i never know how long i'll end up having the dogs that i foster, but i think i'll be okay with having her for longer than normal because she is a PERFECT dog. just look at that face!

madeline took these photos this morning when i was dropping off Luna at her house so i could go to work.
i left the two of them alone in my apartment for 20 minutes yesterday, and when i returned, Luna was sitting in madeline's lap with a pile of white fur surrounding them. she was cutting molded dreadlocks out of Luna's fur. madeline is literally an angel... i know this is probably made apparent from her insanely amazing and insightful blog, but i'm telling you- she's the real deal. i'm probably going to go ahead and get her face tattooed on my body. b + m = <3 4eva

can you tell that i got an hour of sleep last night and i'm slightly (really) delusional?

after the last tunnel vision product shoot tonight, i'll be going to see NO AGE! absolutely one of my favorite bands ever. dig it.



*vintage metallic tapestry pants, vintage platforms, UO velvet bustier (thanks madeline), vintage sunnies, vintage bracelet, necklace c/o telltale hearts

i guess my goal was to make these photos as obnoxious as possible... to match the outfit. there is no simple way to wear these pants, so i just gave in to the whole genie thing and went for it. i got these for 18 DOLLARS in portland. it's stupid. also, i called madeline this morning and asked her to bring me her velvet bustier so i could complete this ridiculous genie vision i had in my brain.

it's 90 degrees in LA right now. it's taking everything in me not to hack off these pants into shorts and go frolic around in the sunshine.

in 30 minutes, i'm going to go pick up the third dog that i'll be fostering in the past 2 months. if you follow me on twitter, i'm sure you get sick of all the animal photos i post. or if you're a psycho animal lover like me, you don't. i've recently become somewhat of a professional dog fosterer... it's extremely rewarding without the full commitment of adopting a dog, and it's really incredible when you find them the perfect home. there are so so so many animals left behind and unloved... so if you're capable, i highly recommend fostering. also, dog parks are SUPER fun.

lastly, TUNNEL VISION is almost up! our goal is to have it up by THIS WEEKEND! AHHHHH! it will absolutely for sure 100% be up by next week at the latest. i swear. i promise. i'll leave you with my favorite film shot i took at our lookbook shoot in Malibu.