i'm so busy! i'm juggling my best friend being in town, planning the next Tunnel Vision lookbook and product shoots for this weekend, keeping up with my work out classes, and adopting a DOG. again.
i haven't had the chance to photograph anything worthwhile, but i figured i'd share two really rad features (and a dog picture).


*via June 2012 issue of Foam Magazine

about a month ago, i was contacted by foam magazine (the only magazine i really love) to be in a feature for Casio watches. i can't tell you how stoked i was to be approached by a publication that completely epitomizes my aesthetic. they let me wear whatever i wanted, so i of course just wanted to wear a destroyed t-shirt and my harley d's. i'm also wearing a pair of Bad Vibes shorts, but you can't really see them in this picture! we have all of our first samples for Bad Vibes, but with moving into the studio and not being able to use our original person for production, we're at a bit of a stand-still. we're still planning on launching a full line, but it won't be until the end of the year. we want to do it the right way, not the fast way.
thanks so much, foam! it was such a rad day.


i have an amazing feature up on twoandseven with all of my summer essentials + an interview. i LOVE the little collage they did. see it here. thanks, guys!



this gorgeous boy's name is Frost, and he is the new wolf cartoon dog love of my life. i'm a fan of the best friends los angeles facebook page, and as soon as they posted a picture of this guy, i literally went weak in the knees. i was sure he would get adopted by a loving family, so i waited a few days. still not able to get him off my mind, i emailed asking if he had been adopted yet. HE HADN'T! so, after a week of showing friends pictures of this dog like he was my own, i decided to call and ask to meet him to find out if i could foster him.
madeline drove an hour in traffic with me to the valley. upon arrival, we got to see a small black dog being adopted by a family. her little tail was wagging SO HARD and the look on her face was as if she was saying,
"me? really? they picked me? are you sure?!" we starting sobbing as the little dog walked out of the shelter with her new family, tail wagging so hard she could hardly walk. the family's little girl reached down to pet her and said, "you're going to your new home now, sarah!" it was the sweetest thing either of us had ever seen. i hope everyone realizes HOW IMPORTANT adopting is. breeding animals is comparable to breeding people. last year, 17,000 healthy and loving shelter animals in LOS ANGELES ALONE got euthanized. it is absolutely devastating and does not need to happen.
if you aren't capable of adopting an animal, then you can foster one, donate your time in a shelter, or help spread the word about adoptable animals via facebook, your blog, or just word of mouth. there is SO MUCH you can do to help. i'm waiting to go to my orientation to start volunteering at best friends LA, and i am so excited i can hardly stand it. they are the same organization that started NKLA, which is a coalition to make LA a no kill city. it is truly incredible. please check out their website here.

so, Frost gets dropped off at my apartment on monday. they want to make sure he gets along with my cats. if all goes well, i will be fostering him with a high probability of keeping him as long as my cat isn't miserable.

please do some research about local shelters in your area, and see what you can do to help. you might not think your little amount of help will make a difference, but trust me, it does. saving a creature's life who wants nothing more than to give love and companionship is literally the best feeling in the world.





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*tie dyed jumpsuit from random shop in santa barbara, wasteland faux leather jacket, harley davidson boots, peruvian llama bag, jewelry from all over.

celebrated the eclipse at the beach with madeline, taylor, and our radical friend tessa. we sat by the eery, beautifully lit ocean while surfers rode waves under the eclipse. it was perfect.

i'm seeing my favorite band in the world tomorrow. i have no words that match my excitement and euphoria.



first and foremost, i have to say thank you to every person who took time out of their day to respond to my last blog post. i truthfully wasn't expecting very much of a response, and i've never been so happy to be wrong. i received the most beautiful and heartfelt comments, amazing lengthy emails, tweets, etc. i'll be honest; i'm a self-proclaimed misanthrope and knowing that all of you incredible people exist makes my faith in humanity restored to a level higher than it's been in awhile. so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for caring. i've been talking to a ton of people about this project and can't wait to get the ball rolling. i will definitely be including my progress in all of my blog updates... i just ask that you do not lose patience and stay with me on this! also: i am extremely open to hear ideas and inputs from anyone and everyone. i'll tell you a little bit about the structure i was considering for the group, and i'd appreciate your feedback.
i'd love to set monthly goals for the group to focus on. one month, our goal could be to assist the downtown LA homeless population's animals. a group of people who live in Los Angeles can visit downtown LA, find specific animals greatly in need, possibly photograph and interview the owners (so long as we are not exploiting anybody), and then the group of fashion bloggers across the world can include all of this information and request donations in their posts all month, while adding their own dialogue and spin on it. we can use the money earned to help the animals we promised to help, and then on to a new monthly goal in a new city. these are just my very first rough ideas, so please feel free to email me with any of yours! i would love to hear them.

*facial toner, facial oil, flax oil (vegan source of Omega-3's) from Whole Foods, philosophy pure grace perfume

as i also mentioned in my last post, i'm on a very serious health kick, which includes inside and outside my body. i NEVER used to spend time on myself, but for the past two weeks i've been taking extra time to cook, make smoothies, exfoliate, moisturize, etc, etc. i can't tell you what a change it makes in my mood and how i physically feel. it took me so long (and doing a good amount of psychedelic drugs resulting in enlightenment, self-reflection, and discovering absolute happiness and knowing exactly how to achieve it) to get to the point of having enough patience to do these things, but i'm finally here and it feels amazing. if you take anything from this post, i hope that you watch the video below and really consider everything she discussed. it almost completely mirrors the message of the Forks Over Knives documentary, sans the meat consumption. i am now vegan, and i believe a very healthy and protein-rich diet can easily be accomplished without meat. anyway, that's a whole other story. please watch the video below! this woman CURED HERSELF OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS purely by changing her eating habits. i've already sent it to a ton of my friends and everyone's reactions have been the same- enlightened.

my friends have sent me some really great links, i really recommend checking them out!
and of course, definitely watch this.

if you read all of this, that makes me SO happy. i'll still be doing regular outfit posts and whatnot, but a whole lot more than that will be included from now on.




*snakeskin print bikini c/o simplybeach.com, turquoise necklace c/o vanessa mooney, vintage shorts, harley davidson boots

lots to say today!

simplybeach.com sent me this amazing/perfect bikini a couple weeks back, and between the weather and my schedule, today was the first day i was able to wear it. i love it so much, and it goes oh so well with my hair (i bit the bullet and used manic panic).

vanessa mooney sent me the turquoise necklace, as well as a few other beautiful pieces, a couple weeks back as well. i've worn this necklace literally every single day since receiving it. it was hard for me not to beg them to just send me the entire collection. i actually just watched madeline freak out over all of it for a good 20 minutes the other day.

i have a little interview up on nosyeux. if you're interested, you can read it here.


i really wanted to touch on what's been going on in my head lately, because it is directly related to this blog. i'm going through a big lifestyle change, which includes: health, spiritual, and mental growth. while taking a break from the internet this last week and really starting to focus on looking inward, i almost decided to delete this thing completely. this has happened many times before, as i've always had an incredible amount of qualms about fashion blogging. i think it's narcissistic and can be done for all the wrong reasons. it literally sickens me to see fashion bloggers with thousands upon thousands of followers who use their voice PURELY for the sake of furthering themselves and their fashion careers. i feel that when you have any sort of audience that slightly pays attention to things you say, you have a moral obligation to try to include meaningful, insightful, or knowledgable content. an example of this would of course be madeline of jean greige- she does the standard (amazing) outfit post, discusses fashion, but then also manages to create very important dialogues about feminism, politics, or cultural appropriation (just to name a few).
what all of this rambling means:
it's been a dream of mine for awhile now to use this blog to do something that will benefit others instead of just myself. i have a lot of ideas bouncing around my bluegreen-haired head, but the first one i'm going to focus on is creating a group of bloggers who love and care about animals as much as i do. this group will not change anything about their blogging pattern or style- they will simply include/begin dialogue, suggest donations for charities, or just help create awareness in general. something i'm very passionate about is helping to feed/spay/neuter/treat the animals of the homeless population (i will go into much more detail about this later). madeline and i discussed everything over lunch today, and it's something i'll be really figuring out over the next week or so. if you're interested in becoming part of this blogger coalition, please let me know in the comments so i can start a list of people i'll be contacting. i'm not expecting much of a response yet, as i've just typed a bunch of half-formed thoughts underneath a bunch of half-naked photos, but i just thought it'd put it out there.

"The collective egoic mind is the most dangerously insane and destructive entity to ever inhabit this planet...."
-Eckhart Tolle




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*Wasteland boots + faux leather jacket, TUNNEL VISION tie dyed thermal t-shirt available here, Versace x H&M tropical leggings

i just taught myself how to make these obscene gifs in photoshop because apparently i don't dress obnoxious enough already.
i'm sorry that your eyesight must suffer for my amusement.
this brian jonestown massacre song/video will heal you.



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