*vegan faux leather jacket from madeline, dress from virgo, handmade african shell bag, tunnel vision vintage choker (coming soon), vegan faux leather boots from the garment district. rings left to right: silver + abalone ring (available here), silver + green ring purchased in mexico, unearthen opalescent sphere ring.

summer simplicity.



ex-drummer of dead meadow and his beautiful wife.

also, check out tracy's etsy shop full of gorgeousness here and incredible blog here.
thanks for the vid, stylelikeu.



*DIY fabric boots (original post here), H&M velvet leggings from 3 years ago, thrifted blouse cut asymmetrically, $7 sequin jacket from ross dress for less, embroidered elephant pouch necklace from random shop in San Luis Obispo, vintage motorcycle purse, vintage rings, belt from flea market.

these photos were taken downtown outside of the Tunnel Vision studio after going to see my dream house for the very first time. i've been searching for a new place to live for months now, and absolutely nothing has been just right. i've had a gut feeling to just wait it out and be patient for the perfect place to come along... and my patience has paid off a million times over. i just OFFICIALLY got my dream house with my best friend, adam, of 8 years. the third roommate is still in the works, but IT'S OURS!!!! i have no idea how it happened, but it truly felt like fate. the landlord and i seem to have some type of cosmic connection, as she didn't even glance at our applications or run our credit checks- she simply gave me the house on the spot because she liked me, although a million other people wanted it.
less than 3 weeks until we move in, and you can bet your asses that i will be doing SO MANY interior decorating posts. the place is absolutely gigantic with the most insane backyard i've ever seen (there's a pond)!!!! i can't wait to start gardening, plant flowers, and lounging in the sun with a book. my desire to be secluded in the woods has somehow been fulfilled in the middle of Echo Park.

dream. come. true.





a photo diary of the past 5 days.
getting in the car at 10:30pm, driving north for 4 hours, waking up early and finding a hidden hike to a secluded beach, visiting childhood spots, no internet, family, freeway drives next to the ocean with all the windows down, neutral milk hotel pandora station, antique stores, life-changing conversations, kerouac, and aimless walks really do fix anything and everything.

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i received an extremely uninformed comment that i didn't approve because this is my little space on the internet, and i don't want it full of pointless negativity from people with nothing better to do than try to pick apart someone they've never met. i would usually never take the time to respond to such a ridiculous comment, but when someone calls me a hypocrite and attacks my morality, well, you just opened up a huge fucking can of worms that i just refuse to ignore.

"Seriously? You fashionistas are a strange and spoiled bunch. I really like your blog, I do. But I have to point out something - you spend a lot of time yapping about animal rights and veganism, yet here you are, dressed head to toe in dead cow. Do you see the hypocrisy in this? Is there any logic in your head? I'm not trying to be mean, just.... really." -odetonarwhal

Number 1: "yapping" about animal rights and veganism? Exactly how many times have I mentioned those things in the 3+ years I've had this blog? Would you prefer that I "yap" about my super cute new Litas and how they were only like $300 and I'm like totally in love with them, or would you prefer that I start dialogues about issues that fashion bloggers never even touch on and attempt to do something productive and good in the cesspool of vapid, shallow, and thoughtless consumerism? Tell me, what WOULD you prefer that I "YAP" about?

Number 2: Dressed head to toe in dead cow? I thought that it was blindingly apparent that the shorts in my last post were not indeed real cow skin, as they are clearly made of cheap cotton to be part of someone's cowboy costume for Halloween. Are you even sure what real cow skin looks like? "Head to toe", which means every article of clothing I'm wearing is part of a dead cow, right? I didn't know cow skin could be woven into a cotton crocheted cardigan, or into a sheer chiffon tank top, or into plastic beads or seashells... you have seriously just enlightened me, dear commenter! I wonder if my own skin is also dead cow? Man, you really got me thinking!

Number 3: Yes, I am wearing some real leather in my last post. My VINTAGE leather bag and VINTAGE leather belt were purchased from a VINTAGE STORE, meaning that they were USED and I did not support the leather industry by buying a NEW leather bag and leather belt. Buying vintage leather goods IS NOT THE SAME as buying new leather. How could you even begin to compare those two things? Vintage leather was originally purchased new by someone, meaning that they supported the leather industry with said purchase. They gave their leather item to a thrift store, then maybe someone bought it and then THEY gave it to ANOTHER thrift store, and so on, and so on. So do you think every single time someone purchases that used leather item from a thrift/vintage store the money goes to supporting the leather industry, or does it go to the THRIFT STORE or VINTAGE STORE that it came from, promoting small businesses and usually the humanitarian deeds that thrift stores use their money towards? Buying second-hand simultaneously rejects the horrifying production of new clothing, which usually involves children and severely underpaid adults slaving over your $12 Forever 21 jacket. How's that for some fucking LOGIC?
I am also wearing real leather boots, which I did indeed purchase new months ago, BEFORE I made the commitment to become fully vegan and still with MUCH guilt over the purchase. My lifestyle choices and when I became serious about them are absolutely none of your business, and I have never once been preachy on this blog and have attempted to make anyone feel guilty for their choices, so how you decided to leave me this comment is beyond me... however, considering that 99% of my lifestyle is cruelty free, I opted to keep them instead of selling them or giving them to a thrift store, because I do indeed love and appreciate these boots very much and every time I wear them, I think of the animal they came from and am in no way ignoring the fact that they are an animal product. I am merely human, and I think one or two small slip-ups in my otherwise VERY strict lifestyle is absolutely normal and acceptable.

Number 4: Is there any logic in my head? Clearly, there is much, much more logic in my head than there is in yours. Perhaps you should attempt thinking critically before attempting to disprove someone's morality. I have been working EXTREMELY hard to establish and maintain a cruelty-free lifestyle. Are you aware how difficult this task is? Are you aware how many people don't do it, simply because it's hard? Are you aware of how many products contain animal parts that you would never even consider, such as dryer sheets? I stopped buying DRYER SHEETS after learning about this. My skincare and shower products are cruelty-free and vegan. I have began researching eco-friendly SHIPPING SUPPLIES for Tunnel Vision. The lengths that I go to for a clean conscious are extreme for my short time in this challenging lifestyle.

I strongly suggest that you quit reading my blog and that you take a deep look within yourself to see why on earth you would attack a person who tries to start meaningful dialogue on a FASHION BLOG, who loves and cares about the well-being of animals more than the well-being of humans, and who already practices and excels in the art of self-loathing and sure as fuck doesn't need to hear it from a stranger on the internet in the form of a snarky comment. I dislike myself very much the majority of the time and am the least prideful person in the world, but one thing I do know about myself is that I am a fucking GOOD person and nothing you say or do will change that.

Seriously, THIS IS WHY I want to go live in the fucking woods away from people. Think of all the disgusting horrible things happening in the world right now, and you use your time on ME?



*TUNNEL VISION tie-dyed knit cardigan, belt, and rings. necklace c/o vanessa mooney, american apparel sheer tank, vintage fuzzy cow pants hemmed into shorts, vintage bag, harley davidson boots, ebay boot straps.

sometimes (monthly) i have an existential crisis and contemplate living in the woods alone, a la walden.
nothing happens to provoke this... it's just a thing that my brain does naturally.
i've been walking my dog 5 times a day, taking him to my favorite secluded beach in Malibu, and being a general recluse. it's great.
i'm attempting to get back into regular posting and start accomplishing some of the things i said i would do. adopting a wolf-dog, trying to find a new place to live, having an existential crisis, and trying to grow a small business is some time consuming shit, let me tell you.
obviously, none of that rambling is as important as fuzzy cow print shorts.



*Photography: Blake Jacobsen (style blog), Model: Seaghna Wilson, Makeup: Kali Kennedy

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