after we finished a hike in big sur, we stopped at the breathtaking nepenthe building, which included this incredible shop, phoenix. as you probably already know, i'm drawn to anything and everything that looks like an acid trip + i have a very intense obsession with frida kahlo... and this place definitely looked like frida on acid... all perched on the face of a cliff overlooking one of the most unreal coastline views i've ever seen. definitely visit this place if you ever find yourself in the area!



 *vintage leopard print coat, vintage harley davidson t-shirt, thrifted maurie & eve boots, vintage sunnies, vanessa mooney turquoise bracelet

i found this vintage coat today for tunnel vision, but to be honest, i have been grappling with whether or not to keep it for myself all day. my DAD told me that i would be stupid to sell it (my dad wears a ripped up denim shirt, ripped up Levi's, and boots every single day of his life). my dad also said he bets a "vegas gangster" once wore it. i absolutely agree with both of those sentiments, but the vintage seller in me so desperately wants to sell it. there's also another part of me that wants to hem it into motorcycle jacket length. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THAT? I CAN. AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY. okay i think i just talked myself into keeping it while typing this. i'm sorry, madeline. i'm really sorry.



*me at minneapolis institute of art, jesse diving into the lake, jesse in the boat at the lake, plane ride back to LA.

this week has been nothing short of incredible. i was in minneapolis from monday night until thursday morning, which was way too short but i'm already planning on going back again soon. highlight of the trip was definitely taking a paddleboat on the lake and illegally jumping off of bridges into the water while it rained.   

*vintage LIFE magazine cover, drive to cayucos, tunnel vision rings coming soon, garment district leggings + thrifted maurie & eve boots on vintage rug.

as soon as my plane landed, i received a text from my mom letting me know that my sister, who's visiting from australia, would be at their house in the central coast that evening. i took a nap, threw clean clothes in a bag, stopped by the tunnel vision studio to ship orders and drool over the rings madeline found, then hit the road to cayucos. so now i'm here at the beach with my whole family and some friends and we're going to BIG SUR tomorrow and i could not be happier.

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*vintage capris cut into shorts, thrifted tank cut into crop top, vintage bag from flea market, vintage sandals from etsy, vintage harley davidson dog collar from etsy, vintage sunnies from flea market

i get stuck on color combinations, as you can see from the similarities of this and my previous outfit post. denim and nude are usually ALWAYS colors that i wear daily. if you ever go shopping with me, i'll fight you for cream or taupe or nude colored anything because i have a weird obsessed with wearing things that look like my skin color, therefore making it hard to decipher whether or not i'm actually wearing clothes.

* * *

i've been purposefully leaving my blog posts very short and to the point lately because madeline and i both sort of reached an "i had it" point with both of our internet endeavors. we felt that no matter how much important dialogue we attempted to start, that it somehow just ended up biting us in the ass every single time. what made me want to give up was when a commenter related me wearing vintage/used leather to "digging a mcdonalds hamburger out of the trash and eating it". my only response to that: was that suppose to make me feel bad about myself? fail. google "freegan". 
i could write an entire dissertation on why wearing vintage/used leather is something i am comfortable with (i actually have about 5 paragraphs saved in a draft), but i will refrain for now.

rambling aside, i would feel really uncomfortable if i talked about nothing other than shoes and clothes on here. that's not me. at all. i'm working on incorporating much more but just haven't quite figured out what direction i want to take, yet. 

i received such an overwhelmingly positive response when i expressed interest in starting some type of blogger animal rights coalition, and i still have every intention of doing it. believe it or not, i have the world's guiltiest conscious and can't stand myself if i feel even slightly hypocritical (hence my switch to veganism). i plan on staying true to my words and doing something to make blogging seem less obsolete and useless.

word vomiting. i'm good at it.



thrift store finds today:
Maurie & Eve ankle boots (tag still attached says they were sold for $402), velvet-lined wood + metal box, vintage backless strap boots.

there is absolutely no reason for me to purchase any new clothing or accessories when i bring home shit like this from a thrift store. i have been digging a little deeper through racks and spending more time searching, and it's definitely paid off this week. since i'm trying to update more often and i thrift a LOT, i think i'll start doing these little previews of my finds instead of waiting to wear them... because that could take a long, long time. 

via jesse draxler

i'm leaving tomorrow evening for Minneapolis to visit Jesse and see old pals... so excited to get out of LA for a couple days and go to the "nice" state.



grass elephant
*thrifted everything except vintage bag

this is what happens when i listen to sonic boom's suicide cover on repeat while editing photos.



200+ items on sale, most being around $30!



house1 house5 house4 house7 house6 house3 house2

although half of my life is still in boxes and i'm incapable of deciding on a paint color, i've still placed things around my room in a way that makes me feel quasi-settled. 
i also have a reclaimed love for platform sandals... my recent acquisitions being a velvet leopard pair from Etsy and a nude cork pair from Goodwill.



*vintage Led Zeppelin t-shirt and vintage pants hemmed into shorts from Wasteland, bracelets c/o Vanessa Mooney, Vintage Zodiac fringe boots available here, vintage deadstock sunglasses, handmade Peruvian llama bag from flea market, vintage Harley Davidson dog collar from Etsy.

i'm finally all moved in and ready to start my new life... with a new baby kitty that my roommate brought home! could not be happier.

well. i could be happier if these boots weren't a half size too small for me. they're up for grabs on TV because i like my feet to have circulation. i bought them knowing they were too small, simply because i was in denial at the mere thought that they could not be mine. it's a sad day in my boot world.

my roommate, Enaia, is starting a blog soon, and i can't wait for you guys to see it. her style blows my mind. just wait!

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top left to right: Magic Lounge wizard tank from Prism of Threads, store front in Morro Bay, sitting in traffic in a tunnel, Nicki during a Tunnel Vision product shoot, vintage Harley Davidson dog collar, Matt's vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle jacket lining, Matt's books, musical influences of Singapore Sling, jewelry c/o Vanessa Mooney, Tunnel Vision vintage lion head necklace available soon.
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moving day is tomorrow. it signifies a lot of things for me, emotionally, physically, and creatively. i feel like it's a brand new start; like i'll be taking my first step into a completely new life... one that i've always desired but could just never quite get. 
 yesterday i spent about 6 hours straight re-doing this blog's layout (thank you mad), designing the weird header you see above from a photo i took 6 years ago + my handwritten blog name + the eye from holy mountain. i don't think it's technically "good design" or whatever, but because i somehow merged all of those elements together and made it by myself, i feel that it's very reflective of me and what i put into the world and on this blog, imperfections and all. i know i'm getting super deep and introspective on blog design here- my apologies. 
 what i'm TRYING to get at is that the redesign is sort of like a rebirth. the content of this blog is going to be a hell of a lot more diverse and creative. i feel like since my environment is going to foster creative energy, as i'll be living with two very incredible people with phenomenal taste, that i'll just be consistently inspired to show more of my real life instead of just staged outfit photos... thus, making this a lifestyle blog. 
 as i think a lot of bloggers do, i'm posting this as some sort of public promise, making it harder to go back on. i feel that once i put something out into the universe (internet) for everyone to see, that i'm now obligated to follow through and do it instead of just daydreaming. 
 i hope you enjoy what's to come... i couldn't possibly be more excited and relieved to be embarking on such a beautiful new path.

speaking of beautiful, this Serena Maneesh song+vid is fucking AMAZING.




new vintage arrivals hit the shop today! instead of doing the 50% off discount code for one day only, we decided to just permanently price everything WAY cheaper from the very start. these are some of my favorite pieces that i struggled with keeping for myself multiple times.

madeline and i switch off on lookbooks every month, so this was her month! she and isabel put together this crazy badass shoot featuring jessi jae joplin.

Killing moon3
Killing moon2
Killing moon9
view the whole lookbook here.

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*crop top c/o motel rocks, vintage pants cut into shorts, thrifted chelsea boots, necklaces + bracelets c/o vanessa mooney, vintage belt from madeline, tunnel vision elephant bag, rings from mexico/venice beach/vintage, vintage shell bracelet

i have an abnormally long torso, so it's actually pretty difficult for me to put together a top/bottom combination with a decent (read: modest) skin to clothing ratio. i have a million crop tops that i never wear because even with my highest waisted shorts, i'm still bare-bellying it. oh the pain and heartache of not being able to wear crop tops as much as i'd like. woe is me.
motel rocks sent me this amazing top, which basically just feels like wearing a bra out in public (a very good thing). however, THIS is the most perfect thing i've ever seen.

the jewelry that i've worn every single day since receiving it is from the amazing vanessa mooney. i can't believe how rad and generous they are. my reaction while opening the package of jewels (after reading the thoughtful handwritten note) went something like this:
love them and their jewels. thank you so much, guys!

as you can tell from previous posts and my lack of sidebar banners, it's not very often that i accept free clothing and endorse companies; i have too guilty of a conscious to wear anything that i don't completely identify with and support.

2nd note:
new tunnel vision stock + a new lookbook featuring jessi jae joplin goes up tomorrow... if i can get my ass over to the studio and finish in time, that is.

3rd note:
post title comes from this song that i absolutely can't stop listening to thanks to matt.



*Tunnel Vision faux leather halter top, shorts, bag, belt, & jacket.

madeline and i played dress up in the new Tunnel Vision stock last week.

new stock hits the store this Friday! it's been so wonderful having Isabel as our intern... she kicks ass at everything. she even babysat my dog one day, and i think moondog secretly loves her more than he loves me. renaissance woman.