Model: Dorith Maus
Photographer: Neil Favila
Makeup: Kali Kennedy
Hair: Ramsell Martinez
Styling: Brit Nason

We shot this lookbook for new Kill City denim styles a few weeks back, and Madeline just put it all together into the beautiful arrangement you see above. New styles are available here!



*faux leather jacket c/o Sheinside w/ Kill City patches which i added, faux crocodile bag c/o Heather Belle Co, vintage Jesus and Mary Chain t-shirt from my amazing friend Neal, faux leather pants from Urban Outfitters given to me 4+ years ago, Vagabond boots given to me by Madeline.

ahhh, it feels good to be brunette again!
this is how i have been dressing 99.5% of the time. ever since my recent acquisition of perfect faux leather pieces, i've been completely unable to stop wearing them... 
example a: this faux leather jacket from sheinside. i had been wearing this one for the past year, but it's cropped length and sleeves were never quite right. i'm absolutely in love with the ever so slightly oversized fit of my new one, not to mention the metal zipper details, pockets, and large collar. i am ridiculously freakishly obsessed with bikers and biker clothing, so it's a no brainer that i jumped at the chance to have a shitload of motorcycle/drug/party/anarchist themed Kill City patches and have happily been sewing them onto this jacket, creating my very own personalized motorcycle jacket. it's still a work in progress.
i am finally completely immersed in living a minimalistic lifestyle with clothing. no more giant hauls at thrift stores with a bunch of crap that's "kinda cool". i have been making very rare and thought-out purchases of either extremely special vintage pieces, vegan pieces, or Kill City threads, since i'm there and surrounded by the awesomeness so often. getting dressed has been much more enjoyable since downsizing, and i'm feeling very "me" lately, which is always good.



*vintage wizard tank from Prism of Threads, BAD VIBES holograph space shorts [coming to Tunnel Vision soon], vegan crocodile bag c/o Heather Belle Co.

LIFE! i lost my camera charger, have driven to SF three times in the past month, have been working like crazy, and am now in the central coast at my parent's place for the holiday- exhale.

i have about a million things to photograph; i've been sent some really incredible vegan clothing and accessories that i'm excited to share, including this absolutely PERFECT vegan crocodile bag from Heather Belle Co. i've never in my life owned a "nice" purse- i usually carry a beat up army bag or something similar to a duffle bag, for convenience and comfort purposes only. however, this one is large enough for me to still cram a good portion of my life into while still being ridiculously beautiful and cruelty-free. WIN.

okay, i guess it's time to address the psychedelic astronaut elephant in the room. besides my instagram, this is the first peak of our Bad Vibes shorts collection. we finally found a wonderful seamstress (cough thank you miracle eye cough) and these along with a few other styles will be available really soon via Tunnel Vision (i mean it this time).

last but not least, as i was walking around downtown san luis obispo today, i was extremely pleased to see anti-fur protesters (very kind, non-confrontational people who were holding signs and handing out pamphlets very politely) dedicating their time and energy to spreading important information on the busiest shopping day of the year. i'd like to spread some of that knowledge and close this post with a few bullet points from a pamphlet i received from them. ignorance is not bliss, please remember that.

-more than 2 million dogs and cats are killed annually for their fur. they are used for everything from fur-trimmed garments to toy stuffed animals. 
-the number of animals killed for fur trim is expected to exceed the number of animals killed for full-fur garments.
-on fur farms, life in a small cage leads animals to self-mutilate, frantically pace, and cannibalize their cage mates in response to their crowded confinement.
-animals on fur farms are killed by cruel slaughter methods that keeps the pelts intact such as gassing, electrocution, neck breaking, and poisoning. 
-animals caught in steel-jawed traps can linger for days or weeks before a trapper comes to kill them. one in 4 animals- often mothers desperate to return to their young- chew off their own limbs to escape only to die of blood loss predation.

as beautiful, fashionable, and powerful as these women are... it absolutely blows my mind and confuses me to no end how they are so willing to participate in such horrendous acts of ignorant self-indulgence such as covering themselves in and designing clothing and accessories using fur of countless different species of animals (like this $17,000 bag they designed using foxes, calves, and alligators). if i had the opportunities and connections that these women do, i would do everything in my power to change the industry and make beautiful clothing and accessories that did not involve the torturing and murder of innocent creatures... but, i guess i would do a lot of things differently than most people. 

i apologize if this post came off as preachy, but it's been awhile since i posted and i've had a lot on my mind. i need to be able to speak freely about things that are important to me in order to keep blogging and not feel like it's a waste of my time. my aim isn't to make people feel bad or guilty or stupid, but hopefully to open the eyes of some people who just weren't aware of the information and inspire small or big changes in their lifestyles. also, the link above references PETA. please know that i do not 100% support PETA and many of their past and present actions are not how i would personally handle things. i do not subscribe to any type of extremist group, i simply live by by own ethical standards.



*photos via Kill City's blog and Kill City's instagram

A couple weeks back, one of the Kill City designers asked me to safety pin a pair of their new VEGAN SUEDE jeans for an editorial. It took me a good 5 straight hours, but the outcome was well worth it. Once I find a spare 5 hours, I'm definitely going to do this to a pair of my own. 

Also, these vegan suede jeans will be available here in just a few days! They are SO fucking cool; the texture and color is so perfect and suede-like, and completely cruelty-free. I'm going to start making a huge effort to find and support the best vegan options and share them here on the ol' blog.


i finally coerced (harassed) Eric into updating his blog, so we can all witness the magic that is his life. he doesn't want to be a blogger, but i told him that it's his duty to humanity. his first post includes a winking cat, tea, and a succulent, so obviously he's a perfect person and you need to follow him and tell him to keep posting, because the blogging world is a vapid cess pool and we need intelligent and truly creative humans to be a part of it, capeesh?




*KILL CITY cap sleeve backless top, BAD VIBES vegan crocodile shorts, vintage necklace: birthday present from mad & isabel, vagabond boots, vanessa mooney bracelet, vintage baseball hat.

mad and i designed and had these VEGAN CROCODILE shorts made over a year ago (what the fuck, where is time going?!) and we are finaaaaaaally getting our shit (money) together and they'll be available on a pre-order basis soon!!! wearing something we designed is a pretty radical feeling, especially knowing that they are animal AND people cruelty-free. 

some really exciting shit happened, so we've been at the tunnel vision studio working non-stop this week. we're currently in the midst of designing a full spring 2013 collection, and i'm already too stoked on it for words. basically, we're really putting the pedal to the metal and GOING FOR IT. wish us luck. or give us money. or both. both would be cool.

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top left to right: 5 north, 5 south, jamie's house in oakland, tripp nyc jacket at wasteland, golden gate park, sean in golden gate park, birthday movie ticket stub, dolores park, sean during glitter wizard halloween show, jennie being perfect, sf view, me trying to wear lipstick and a dress, sean's wizard tattoo, golden gate park, jamie, dolores park, me on halloween, delicious hangover in a bottle, musical and visual perfection, sean being perfect, sean being perfect some more, me and jennie being shit shows. 
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i'm baaaaack!

1. i love san francisco
2. jennie is the fucking best
3. my birthday was incredible, thank you so much for all of the kind words!
4. i have a super babe boyfriend who plays in this super rad band that you should absolutely listen to: