I feel like my 6 years of selling vintage and my many different business ventures/jobs/blog have all led me to Backbite
Your 20's are a strange age when so much happens and changes and confuses the living shit out of you, and then one day, it all just magically seems to click. With age comes confidence and knowledge, and I'm so grateful to be experiencing both. Getting older is very very rad. I wake up every day and am so excited to work, because the "work" part of it is actually something that I just truly love doing... and for once am not afraid to say that I'm good at. Fuck yeah, life.


Jacqueline Stewart said...

yeh, i feel that way too with the label i'm starting, like it all makes sense, even though it'll be hard as all hell. xo

Halie said...

That fur rocks.

mojomade said...

This is like you are inside my head and heart right now - couldn't agree with you more about it all just magically clicking in! Like you plug into who you really are supposed to be. Thank god for the end of confusion and trying to "find your place". I AM my place and fuck yeah I'm good at shit. xxx

Ariel | couturing said...

Congrats on Backbite x